Local dishes that you must try in Mumbai

Local dishes that you must try in Mumbai

The 'City of dreams' as it is often called is known for its tourist places, the corporate culture, and Bollywood. Now, Mumbai does not exactly fit the definition of a culinary hotspot; however, with a plethora of fine dining restaurants that explore the 'food' side of the city coming up, there is no better time to sample the local fare. So, whether you are in Mumbai for business or leisure, make sure to try these dishes that the locals swear by.

Akuri Toast
The Parsi version of scrambled eggs, the Akuri is a staple in every Irani restaurant worth it’s salt. There is no particular way of preparing this breakfast delicacy, with each Parsi family having its version of Akuri. But, the basics of the dish remain the same. It is prepared by mixing scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes, onions and chillies. Variations include the addition of milk, jeera, garam masala and ginger-garlic paste. This is served with the famous laadi-Pav of Mumbai. Healthier versions use skimmed milk and serve it with brown bread or whole-wheat toast.

Baida Roti
Baida roti translates to egg and roti (Indian bread). In this dish, a meat filling (usually minced chicken or mutton) is mixed with eggs, coated with dough and then fried. It’s is a popular street-food that you can find everywhere- right from the make-shift stall at the street corner to the fine dining Mughlai restaurants in Mumbai.

Vada pav
Vada pav is one thing Mumbaikars cannot live without. It is the city's favourite on-the-go snack. The Vadas are made by coating a mixture of potatoes, chilly, garlic, and coriander in besan (gram flour) and frying it. Piping hot Vadas in Pav, served with garlic chutney, or a spicy green chutney are relished with much enthusiasm by the locals. You can find Vada pav stalls in almost every nook and cranny of Mumbai. Although it is hard to beat ones served by a street-side vendor, some restaurants do come close. The recent 'deconstructed' Vada pav served in fine-dining restaurants in Mumbai has taken the culinary scene by storm.

Bombil fry
Bombil fry is a dish that originated in Mumbai. Bombil or 'Bombay duck' as it is native to Mumbai, is found in the waters surrounding Mumbai. The fish is first flattened, then coated in a gram flour or Semolina batter and deep-fried. Restaurants in Mumbai serve this crunchy fish snack along with Dal/Curry and rice. It can also be had on its own as an appetizer.

Brun Maska
The Brun is a variant of the regular Pav. It is brown, hard, and crumbly on the outside and soft inside. The Bruns are slathered in butter and served with a glass of hot Irani chai. Some even like their Brun Maska with sugar in it. You can find this local delicacy at various tea-stalls, bakeries, and Irani restaurants in Mumbai.