Sukh Mahal: The best all-day dining restaurant in Jaipur for family dinner

Sukh Mahal -The best all day dining restaurant in Jaipur for family dinner

There is something magical about dining on a glorious, sunny day against the backdrop of the mighty Aravallis with your family. It may evoke memories of picnics and brunches you had when you were little when the entire family had an enjoyable meal together during the holidays. Or it may remind you of having a stopover on your road trip and having your fill of highway snacks before you set out for your ultimate destination. But when the setting is so stunning that it transports you to the time of Indian royals, you know you have found your go-to brunch location.

That is precisely what Sukh Mahal at The Leela Palace Jaipur brings to the table. This ancient palace-inspired venue is often touted to be the best all-day dining restaurant in Jaipur. Much of that has to do with not only its location in one of the most well-known 5-star hotels in the world, but also its culinary delights that present an assortment of Indian as well as international flavours. 

If authentic Rajasthani food in Jaipur is your jam, and you want to experience an exemplary royal culinary setting with your family, then Sukh Mahal is the place to be. Here is the only guide you will ever need to this gateway of gastronomic delights!

All-day fine dining restaurant in Jaipur for families that love to Indulge

Great food often allows you to revel in peace. This is evident not only in Sukh Mahal’s name, but the thoughtful and artistic menu put together by the culinary maestros at the all-day dining restaurant.

If you are in the mood for some exquisite dining in Jaipur that brightens your palate with dishes from Indian as well as international cuisines, then Sukh Mahal will leave you impressed. This is much apparent in the extent of their menu that has something scrumptious to cater to everyone’s tastes.

Looking forward to a lazy breakfast? Well, you can choose from Continental, American, or Indian selections that comprise of fruit platters, cereals, breads, freshly brewed drinks, and a huge variety of popular dishes. Alternatively, you can also go with the A la carte menu to better cater to your family members’ preferences.

But it is the ambitious Palace Maharaja Bhog that will truly give you the royal family breakfast experience. Truly a king’s feast, this epic thali will set your day off with a fine start featuring a burst of flavour and mouthwatering local dishes, including sangri ke parathe, Jaipuriya kadi kachori, lal maas, anda bhurjee, Sukh Mahal signature mutton nihari, bajre ka khcihda, khajoor wala doodh, cheena malpua, rabri ghewar, kesar chai, and more! 

As for the rest, they boast a wide selection of expertly prepared dishes and delicacies for lunch and dinner that willleave you wanting more. Asian, Indian and international main courses provide a multitude of options to choose from, while the local signatures such as Laal Maas (a hot savoury Rajasthani lamb preparation with yoghurt, local spices and Mathania chillies) and Gatte ka Saag (authentic Rajasthani delicacy, prepared with gram flour) remain crowd favourites. Other signature plates include the Rigatoni Alla Norcina (comprises mushroom cream, fennel, pork sausage, rosemary) and the Nalli Ka Khasa Salan (chef’s Signature special, braised lamb shanks with secret blend of spices).

Kids, on the other hand, can enjoy a wide-spread fair of  sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, and crispy, melt-in-your-mouth wood-fired pizzas. As for dessert, they are sure to fall in love with the Belgian Chocolate Fudge Sundae or the delightful Banana Caramel Sundae. For others, the signature Guanaja Chocolates Pave (served warm with salted caramel sauce, rum and raisin ice cream, hazelnut nougat) and the local Jaipuri Malai Ghevar (Traditional local disc shaped dessert with a texture of honeycomb, topped with dollop of malai) are must-haves! 

An aura of unparalleled class – Sukh Mahal, Jaipur

There is nothing quite like the aura of art and architecture that leaves you with everlasting memories of a lifetime.

Sukh Mahal at The Leela Palace Jaipur ensures that you and your loved ones enter an awe-inspiring, magical world from a bygone royal era and enjoy the finest culinary indulgences that the city has to offer. That is all down to the palatial setting of the all-day dining outlet which is inspired by the original Sukh Mahal palace in Bundi, Rajasthan. Also known as the Blue City, Bundi is famous for its stunning azure blue pottery, and the restaurant strives to imitate that through its exquisite décor. 

With over 200 covers sporting a separate area with alfresco seating in the Peacock courtyard, you and your family will always find the most premium of spaces and comfort on your day out. The picture-perfect courtyard has a marble peacock as a centrepiece and a backdrop of Aravallis that add a layer of enchantment before any meal is served. Add to that the incredible painting of the Jal Mahal that brings to life all the hallmarks of the royal Rajputana architecture, and you know that you and your loved ones are going to have an indulgent and enjoyable time.

Verdict: A fine choice for all-day dining in Jaipur

In conclusion, Sukh Mahal is indeed amongst the best all-day dining restaurants in Jaipur for family breakfast, dinner and all meals in between. The restaurant offers authentic Rajasthani food in a thought-provoking, grand setting with eye-catching royal décor and affable service. The signature restaurant at The Leela Palace Jaipur has a lovely and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great place to relax and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. The menu is also perfect for sharing, so you can try a variety of dishes and sample the different flavours of Rajasthan, other states in India and abroad, all in the same place!

Ultimately, family time equals treasured memories that stay with you forever. At Sukh Mahal, you and your family can enjoy your favourite cuisines in style, all the while creating memories of a lifetime with tastes that will never be forgotten!