Welcome to The Leela Palaces, Hotels, and Resorts – where luxury meets conscience, and hospitality is an art form that transcends borders. Rooted in the timeless ethos of "Atithi Devo Bhava – Guest is God," we continue to redefine luxury through a lens of responsibility and sustainability.

We believe in preserving, revitalizing, and creating enduring value in the locations we are privileged to operate. Our commitment extends beyond the opulence of our spaces to a profound connection with nature and communities, embracing responsible tourism as the cornerstone of our philosophy. As we invite you to experience the pinnacle of luxury, we also invite you to join us on a collective mission to tread lightly on the Earth, act with care and responsibility.

Our vision is a harmonious tapestry where guests, associates, and communities are empowered to make decisions that not only enrich themselves but also contribute to the preservation of cultural assets, support host economies, and nurture the natural environment. This is not just hospitality; this is a conscious choice to weave responsible practices into the very fabric of luxury.

Come, be a part of a journey where luxury is not just experienced but is a force for positive change. The Leela Palaces, Hotels, and Resorts – where every stay is a celebration of conscious luxury and responsible tourism.

Preserving Natural Resources, Reducing Environmental Impact

At The Leela, our commitment to environmental stewardship is not just a duty; it's a conscious decision to foster a harmonious relationship with our planet while creating luxurious experiences for our guests. Guided by principles of environmental sensitivity, responsible consumption, and resource efficiency, we've implemented a range of eco-friendly initiatives that span waste reduction, energy conservation, and responsible sourcing. Our overarching goal is to minimize our environmental footprint, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for generations to come.

Net Zero Commitment:

Embracing our responsibility to address climate change, we are committed to achieving a global net zero target by 2050 or sooner. This pledge extends across all our operations, from renewable energy solutions to waste reduction initiatives. We strive to not only reduce our impact but actively contribute to a sustainable and resilient future.

Efficient Practices:

As we continue to innovate and implement these initiatives, we invite you to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, culminating in our commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.


Windmill and Solar Plants


EV Boats


Aujasya by The Leela in-house water bottling plants


Tishya by The Leela


EV Charging Stations



Creating a Responsible Supply Chain

At The Leela, our commitment to conscious luxury extends seamlessly to our supply chain. We recognize the profound impact it has on communities, the environment, and the overall well-being of our planet. Embracing responsible and sustainable sourcing practices is not just a choice but an integral part of our identity.

Ethical Partnerships and Local Empowerment:  

We forge relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility. These partnerships ensure that every link in our supply chain reflects our dedication to making a positive impact. Supporting local communities is at the heart of our supply chain strategy. We prioritize sourcing from local artisans and businesses, contributing to the economic growth and empowerment of the communities surrounding our properties.

Transparent Traceability:

We believe in transparency and traceability. Our guests have the right to know where their experiences originate. Through transparent sourcing practices, we invite you to trace the journey of every element in our hospitality, ensuring that it aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Continuous Improvement:

Sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement. We regularly assess and enhance our supply chain practices, embracing innovation and best practices to ensure that our commitment to conscience luxury is unwavering.

As you indulge in the luxury of The Leela, rest assured that every detail has been meticulously curated with a focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and a commitment to a better world for us all.

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Jodhpur Mahila Griha Udhyog: Empowering Women, Enriching Lives

Phool: Blooming Sustainability

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Nurturing Diversity, Fostering Equality

Inclusivity at The Leela goes beyond a commitment; it's a celebration of diversity, an embodiment of respect, and a dedication to creating an equitable work environment. Our endeavours align with key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, emphasizing good health and well-being, gender equality, and decent work and economic growth.



Shefs at The Leela

Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation

Heritage and Communities

Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of India as The Leela Palaces, Hotels, and Resorts unfold as gateways to the country's rich heritage. Our commitment to cultural stewardship is embedded in the design of our Palace Hotels, each serving as a testament to the distinctive traditions and values of its surroundings. Celebrating India's diversity, our experiences are a fusion of customs, rituals, festivals, arts, and clothing, all steeped in the unique aesthetic that defines The Leela.

Join us in a Symphony of Culture and Music:

Celebrate the heritage of India with The Leela's cultural rituals and musical offerings. These experiences not only honor traditions but also contribute to the economic well-being of local artisans and communities, making every stay with us a journey into the heart of India's rich cultural tapestry.

The Leela Ceremonial Ritual: Preserving Tradition, Invoking Spirit

Melodies by The Leela: Harmonizing Tradition and Modernity