Inspired by the ancient Sanskrit word that describes “vigour of life”, Aujasya by The Leela is a wellness programme designed as an authentic and holistic wellness journey. The programme has been conceived and executed in collaboration with Dr. Ankita Jalori, one of India’s pre-eminent nutrition and wellness consultants.

The journey starts with the launch of Aujasya by The Leela food menu which balances healthy eating with great taste. 

But Aujasya by The Leela doesn’t stop at food alone. In fact, at The Leela, we have embraced wellbeing in every facet of our hospitality. With special mattresses, pillow menus and Kumud and Nilgiri inspired signature bath amenities – Tishya by The Leela, the wellbeing of our guests is always our primary focus. As we continue developing Aujasya by The Leela, we hope and expect it will be visible as an essential offering in all aspects of our service, wellness experiences, mindfulness and beyond. 

At The Leela, Aujasya isn’t just a word, it’s a way of life.

Aujasya by The Leela breakfast and à la carte menus are available at all our hotels.

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Try out these easy to follow recipes that can be made and enjoyed at home. 

Black Chana Hummus with vegetable Crudités

Black Chana Hummus with Vegetable Crudités

Serves - 1

  • 50gms - Black chana (parboiled)
  • 5gms - Tahina paste
  • 15ml - Olive oil
  • 2gms - Garlic
  • 3ml - Lemon juice
  • 2 - Cubes crushed ice
  • Salt - To taste


  • 40gms - Carrot 
  • 40gms - Cucumber
  • 40gms - Beetroot
  • 20gms - Celery


  1. Soak black chana for 3-4 hours before parboiling. Allow it to cool.
  2. In a blender, take parboiled black chana, Tahina paste, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, crushed ice and salt.
  3. Blend into a smooth paste and keep aside.
  4. Cut all vegetables into long batons or sticks.
  5. Serve with the dip.

Roast Beets, Valencia Orange and Walnut Salad

Serves - 1

  • 80gms - Baby beetroot
  • 60gms - Valencia orange
  • 30gms - Baby rucola lettuce
  • 20gms - Assorted wild berries
  • 10ml - Extra virgin olive oil
  • 3gms - Dijon mustard
  • Himalayan pink salt - To taste
  • 25gms - Feta cheese
  • 3gms - Fresh assorted herbs
  • 2gms - Black peppercorns
  • 20gms - Walnut halves
  • 5gms - Microgreens


  1. Roast and cut the beets into thin slices and place the slices neatly on a plate
  2. Neatly cut and remove the orange segments and collect them in a bowl.
  3. Cream the feta cheese, mix the chopped herbs and crushed black peppercorns. Roll into pearls and keep aside.
  4. Crush the assorted berries and keep aside. Prepare the dressing by whisking the crushed berries, olive oil and mustard in a bowl until it emulsifies. Add salt to the dressing.
  5. Toast the walnuts and keep aside.
  6. Sort and wash the microgreens.
  7. Place the orange segments and rucola on top of the beetroot slices on the plate.
  8. Add the toasted walnuts, microgreens and herbed feta cheese pearls. Drizzle the dressing from the top evenly on the ingredients. Serve.
Roast Beets, Valencia Orange and Walnut Salad
Cowpea and Mushroom Succotash with Wilted spinach

Cowpea and Mushroom Succotash with Wilted Spinach

Serves - 4

  • 160gms Cowpeas
  • 200gms Button mushrooms
  • 200gms Spinach
  • 20gms Garlic
  • 50gms Tomatoes
  • 40gms Onion
  • 5gms Black pepper
  • 20ml Olive oil
  • Thyme (Optional) - a sprig
  • Salt - To taste


  1. Wash and soak cowpeas overnight. Boil with salt until cooked.
  2. Wash and slice half the mushrooms, pan fry with seasoning and reserve aside. Cut the remaining mushrooms in quarters.
  3. Heat oil in a pan, add quartered mushrooms and cook on high heat until they start browning. Add sliced garlic and chopped onions along with thyme and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Add boiled cowpeas, vegetable stock or water and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Using the back of a spoon partially mash the beans which naturally give a creamy body to the simmering ragout.
  5. Add diced tomatoes and further cook for another 5 minutes until the ragout is creamy.
  6. Wilt cleaned and washed spinach leaves with sliced garlic and remaining olive oil in a hot frying pan and season with salt and pepper. Add the reserved grilled mushrooms to the plate.
  7. Spoon out the ragout into a deep bowl and top with wilted spinach and mushrooms. Garnish with herbs and serve warm.

Basil and Chia Seed Pudding

Serves - 1

  • 10gms Chia seed
  • 10gms Basil seed
  • 135ml Almond milk
  • 20gms Himalayan honey
  • 5ml Vanilla bean extract
  • 2gms Kosher salt


  • 10gms Pumpkin seed
  • 5gms Flax seed
  • 25gms Fresh strawberries
  • 3gms Microgreens


  1. In a medium bowl, whisk to combine chia and basil seeds, almond milk, sweetener of your choice, vanilla extract, and salt.
  2. Cover and refrigerate until thick (up to 2 hours or overnight).
  3. Serve with suggested garnish or toppings of your choice.
Chia and Basil seed Pudding