One day getaways from Chennai that you must check out

One day getaways from Chennai that you must check out

Chennai is notorious for its heat. Looking for hotels in Chennai that offer respite from the harsh climate is the obvious way out of this. The Leela Palace Chennai is among the best 5 star hotels in Chennai that offers the best of everything. Right from luxurious air-conditioned rooms, to a state of the art wellness centre, gym, spa and restaurants. It is the perfect place to relax after a tiring day of work meetings, conferences, or exploring the city. If you are looking for some natural getaways around the city, here are the top picks.


India's second-largest brackish water lagoon (after Chilka Lake), Pulicat Lake is a shallow saltwater lagoon which stretches about 60 kilometres along the coast. One can indulge in fishing, bird watching and boating. The lagoon has rich flora and fauna diversity which makes it a great place to spend some quality time in nature. The lake encompasses the 'Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary' where you can watch several migratory birds. A good number of flamingos can be spotted between October to March. Hotels in Chennai arrange for a guided tour on request. Other points of interest are Fort Geldria, Dutch Church, and Old Dutch Street.
Distance from The Leela Palace Chennai: 60 km


Mahabalipuram is an ancient marvel known for its magnificent monuments, intricately carved temples, rock-cut cave sanctuaries and sculptures. The Group of Monuments, with all its rock art and relief sculptures, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ancient architectural wonders include the Pancha Rathas, Arjuna's Penance, Descent of the Ganges, the Shore Temple, Tiger Cave, Varaha Cave Temple, Krishna's Butter Ball and the Mamallapuram lighthouse. You can enjoy Village biking tours which are quite popular. You can also take a stroll on the clean beach of Mahabalipuram or indulge in fun activities like surfing and angling.
Distance from The Leela Palace Chennai : 45 km


Nagalapuram Falls offer an excellent trekking opportunity and a breathtaking scenic view. Pristine water streams can be seen along the trek route. You come across three waterfalls, and each one of them has a pool at the top of the trek route. The pool water is spotless and fresh. The waterfalls are 18 kilometres away from Nagalapuram near the village of Arai. Although a large number of people visit the waterfalls each year due to its close proximity to Chennai, it is inadvisable to explore the pools without adequate safety equipment and life jackets. A guide from the village is preferable for the treks. Chennai hotels can also arrange for guides on request.
Distance from The Leela Palace Chennai : 80 km
Ubbalamadugu falls

Located in Chittoor district, Ubbalamadugu Falls (also known as Tada Falls) is a great escape to spend quality time in nature. The crystal clear waterfalls amidst forest "Siddulaiah Kona" falls from a height of 100-odd meters, making it a glorious sight. Tada Falls is a favourite destination for trekkers. The 10 km trek is through rough patches and rocky terrains making it a moderately difficult trekking expedition. However, there are multiple water pools along the trail that gives you a pleasant trekking experience. Reach out to the concierge or attendant at your hotel in Chennai for more details. A nearby attraction is the Kalki Oneness temple. The festival of Maha Shivaratri is a typical time for people to visit.
Distance from The Leela Palace Chennai : 100 km