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Experience history and culture with these museums in Bengaluru

Being the hub of Information Technology in India, an atmosphere of innovation and progress is something that you could equate with Bengaluru.

Take a trip to art galleries in Delhi

The capital city houses many places that you can go to for a dose of art. What is more, these places now play host to a variety of creative workshops too. So, make sure that you include these art galleries in your itinerary when you visit Delhi. Delhi Art gallery

Unearth the architectural landmarks of Goa

When you hear the word ‘Goa’, the only things that come to your mind are beaches, nightlife and adventure. But there’s another side to Goa that is beautiful – its architectural landmarks. Influenced by Indian, Mughal and mainly Portuguese, these structures are a sight not to be missed.

Food & Cuisine


5 dishes that make Goa a paradise for seafood lovers

Goa draws up memories of fresh, bountiful and incredibly delicious seafood. The coastal town is as famous for its seafood as it is for its party culture. With buffet lunches as well as restaurants in Goa featuring seafood aplenty on their menu, it is hard to miss out on.

5 dishes that you must try when in Bengaluru

The food of Bengaluru is as diverse as the people living there. Whether you wish to taste the street food or experience fine-dining in Bengaluru, the city does not disappoint. It has its share of gourmet food haunts and favourite street-food corners. However, some dishes are common to both.

5 mughlai dishes that make Delhi a gastronomers delight

Delhi is known as much for its history and heritage as it is for its food. A trip to Delhi would be incomplete without indulging yourself. The food in Delhi features an eclectic mix of desi fare which is heavily influenced by Mughal cuisine.

5 unique local brews to try out when in Goa

Goa is a state that is known for its vibrant atmosphere as well as the oh-so-affordable alcohol. Though the local Feni is a popular drink, other brews can also be a perfect accompaniment to your plate of Xacuti or Fish fry.

Best places to eat at in Mumbai

Mumbai is synonymous with all things glitz and glam. However, there is much more to the city than shiny malls and 5-star resorts in Mumbai. The local fare in the city of dreams is inspired by cuisines from all over the world.

Buffet breakfasts at The Leela Mumbai

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Those who start their day with a good breakfast, end up having an altogether better day. It is said that you should always have breakfast like champions. And very few have the privilege to actually experience it.

Buffet in Goa try The Restaurant at The Leela Goa

As they say, the best way to experience a place is through its local cuisine. The same applies to Goa. During your time in the state, you can sample the most exquisite seafood, tasty meat preparations and exciting vegetarian food at the restaurants in Goa.

Eat, drink and make merry at The Leela Goa

The world comes to Goa to party, and celebrate life. The place is known for beach resorts, luxury hotels, and shacks, larger than life parties and a relaxed vibe.

Experience the best of fine dining at The Leela Goa

When you’re in Goa, you can trust The Leela Goa to take care of you, especially when it comes to dining. We list down the fine dining restaurants in Goa at our hotel that will ensure that your palate will be satisfied throughout your stay.

Gastronomic havens at The Leela Mumbai

Food connoisseurs are very fastidious about what they eat and where, and rightly so. Though fine-dining is often chastised for being too expensive and over the top, it is the authenticity, the fresh ingredients, and the experience that put the ‘fine’ in fine-dining.

Gourmet food at a social distance

COVID-19 has impacted most businesses, and the hospitality industry has been no exception. Many hotels and restaurants are still revamping and remodelling their businesses.

Homemade pizza topping ideas for everyone in the family

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of everyone’s lives. A regular day may now involve virtual classrooms & conferences, social distancing rules, and consumption of food that is almost always cooked at home.

Le Cirque Signature finest fine dining restaurant in town

Looking for fine dining options in Bengaluru? We know just the place! Grab the finest Italian and French dishes at the Le Cirque, Signature.

Local dishes that you must try in Mumbai

The 'City of dreams' as it is often called is known for its tourist places, the corporate culture, and Bollywood.

Looking to have a memorable dinner night in Mumbai

Let’s go out for dinner! How often has this declaration brought with it a sense of pleasant anticipation and excitement?

Make sure to try these famous local vegetarian dishes in Goa

Goa has been associated with seafood since ages. Right from shacks lining the beach to luxury hotels in Goa- all are known for the non-vegetarian spread. However, did you know there are more than enough local delicacies for vegetarians too?

Special culinary offers at The Leela

When it comes to dining at The Leela, it is all about flavour, freshness of ingredients and exquisite ambience. The hotels are homes to some of the finest, award winning restaurants in the country.

Surprising your loved ones with the best buffet lunch in Goa

Buffet lunches are one of the best choices to make when you are planning a large gathering or even a mini one. Not only do buffets offer variety to those who come but also ensure that they cater to the taste buds of everyone who is present.

Take a culinary journey around the world at The Leela Mumbai

Anyone who has visited Mumbai will compliment about the culinary delights they experienced here. The cuisine in Mumbai is a unique amalgamation of both – style and flavor.

Tasty homemade cakes to brighten the day

Birthdays are special. We look forward to celebrating them every year. What is a birthday without a cake? Since going out is not an option, ordering in comes with its risks too, so why not bake a cake at home instead?

Top 5 local dishes to savour in Chennai

Many external entities have influenced Chennai. This metropolis situated along the Coromandel coast has proven itself to be a vibrant culinary destination even when it is perceived to be skewed towards South Indian cuisine.

Healthy Living


Boost your immune system with everyday foods

With the current lockdown situation in the country, taking precautions when venturing outside has become compulsory. From masks and gloves to social distancing and moving in reduced numbers, a number of measures are centred upon your activities outside your home.

Great home workout tips to stay fit

Working out at home, amidst this lockdown can be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Simple tips to eat healthy during the lockdown

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us locked down at home, there have been drastic changes in our lives in the past few weeks. The only thing we can focus on is our health.

Stay fit while working from home

Working at home during this work from home is the opportunity you should seize. This global lockdown has brought many of us to our homes and work from our cosy couch with bouts of binge eating’s and possibly sneaky naps while still working.



Birthday ideas during lockdown

The lockdown has us self-isolating in our homes. This is particularly hard, especially for those who have their birthdays coming up during the lockdown. With no getting together and singing happy birthday, no clinking of glasses, no dressing up and partying, even the thought of it is depressing.

Fun games to enjoy during lockdown

Staying at home in the lockdown is sure to become monotonous and boring before long. It is during times like these that you can connect with your family over simple games that you can play at home. Try your hand out at these games to make your lockdown with your family more exciting and fun.

How to keep your kids active during the lockdown

Gone are the times when we used to take the kids to a park or a fun picnic. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are stuck at home waiting for the world to re-open. But that doesn’t mean the kids are going to stop! With the free time they have, they need all the more activities to be busy.

Tips to keep your kids busy during the lockdown

The lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic can get to your nerves. This is especially true in the case of kids, who are bubbling with energy. As they are used to playing outside, confining them to the house is going to be a task, indeed!

Tips to maintain a better home during lockdown

Declutter your home in a heartbeat! Tips to maintain a better home during lockdown

Turn isolation into family time

Turn isolation into family time! Lockdown won’t seem all that bad



10 best winter destinations in Goa

Goa needs no introduction; its beauty speaks for itself. From pristine beaches and exotic water villas to friendly locals and delicious Konkani cuisine, Goa is a feast for all the senses.

2 days in Udaipur what to do and where to go

In the busy world that always keeps us up on our toes, it may sometimes feel taxing to plan for long trips and vacations. Consider a place like Udaipur, one of the top spots for checking out the beauty, culture, traditions, and heritage of India.

4 forts in Goa perfect for the history-lover in you

Goa isn’t a destination that usually comes to mind when you think of historic places. Surprisingly though, the state has a large number of sites that have deep connections with history. The sites that connect to history the most are the iconic forts in Goa.

4 must-visit beaches in South Goa

A place of scenic beauty marked by serenity and tranquillity - it’s a great way to describe most of the beaches in South Goa. Along with the beaches, the district also has some of the best hotels in South Goa.

4 offbeat places to visit in South Goa

Taking the off-beaten path on a vacation can be immensely fulfilling. Offbeat itineraries let travellers see the side of a city or country that’s different and often more interesting than your regular tourist hotspots.

5 gardens to visit when in the garden city

Bangalore is quite well-known for its gardens. Amongst the high rises, a multitude of corporate parks and bumper to bumper traffic, the city’s gardens and parks come as a welcome respite to the city dwellers.

5 not to be missed attractions in Udaipur

Planning to visit Udaipur? It is advised to look up Udaipur hotels well in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. The Leela Palace Udaipur offers you the right mix of luxury as well as convenience. You can also avail offers and packages customized as per your needs.

5 offbeat places in Goa for drool-worthy photographs

Goa is filled with beautiful places, and not all of those places involve the sun, the sand and the sea. Also, there are more than just quaint shacks, happening pubs and awe-inspiring 5 star resorts in Goa. We tell you about five unexplored places you can go shutter-happy at.

5 offbeat things to do in Goa

When you think about Goa, you can only visualise party places and beaches. Goa has become synonymous as the party hub of India. Every year, millions of people flood this state to enjoy its beaches and its rich Portuguese heritage.

5 places that will make you fall in love with the capital city

The capital city is full of historical places, elegant monuments, and old-worldly bazaars worth visiting. Keeping a day aside to explore these monuments and other buildings in old and new Delhi is, therefore, a given.

5 things that Chennai is well-known for

Chennai is home to many conglomerates and international companies. The business opportunities in the city are many owning to its international connection and the educated workforce. You can find people from all over the country settled in Chennai.

5 wildlife sanctuaries that you must not miss when in Chennai

Chennai is amongst the largest municipal economies in India. The city is teeming with industries, business parks and deluxe business hotels.

A complete guide to Mahabalipuram

Clear blue skies, waves crashing on the rocks and intricate temple architecture; this is often the most vivid of memories one take back after visiting Mahabalipuram. Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram is an ancient and UNESCO World Heritage City in the state of Tamil Nadu.

A day trip guide to Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is the perfect place to visit if you want to escape the heat and the hustle and bustle of the Garden city. You must leave early in the morning to reach in time to catch the famed sunrise at the Nandi hills.

Ace your Instagram profile with this to-do list for Goa

Taking a stroll on the beaches, guzzling some local Feni, chillaxing at hotels in Goa and partying the night away are activities that are at the top of the to-do list of people visiting Goa. However, there is more to Goa than the activities mentioned above.

Beat the heat with these 4 activities in Gurugram

Gurugram is a commercial hub with International businesses and corporate parks dotting the cityscapes. It is not out of the ordinary to find hotels in Gurugram fully booked the year-round. However, the days in the city are normally hot and humid and tend to tire you out.

Best places for day picnics in and around Gurugram

Gurugram is a corporate hub. That being said, it is not uncommon to find all the 5 star hotels in Gurugram booked the year-round with business travellers. If you are short of time, you will not get to venture too far from the city.

Best Weekend Trips from Bangalore

Our new normal includes working from home and resting at home during the weekends. Slowly and gradually, restrictions are being eased. As a result, many people are planning short weekend trips inside the city or just on the outskirts. Staycation has become the new vacation.

Day trips from Gurugram that you must not miss

A business trip to Gurugram need not be all about meetings and conferences. If you are looking for a way to release all the stress, but have a packed itinerary, opt for quick day trips to these places outside Gurugram.

Detours from Delhi that are well worth your time

The capital city is frequented by many tourists, both local as well as international. High profile events, larger-than-life weddings, important business meets and chic parties, 5 star hotels in New Delhi are not new to these.

Explore the Chittor Fort in Udaipur

Set atop a hill, the daunting Chittorgarh is a symbol of architecture, tragedy and history. Situated 123 km from Udaipur, this fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort of Chittor has witnessed the world's longest-ruling dynasty, the Kingdom of Mewar, for almost 8 centuries.

Explore these hidden beaches of Goa

Goa is synonymous with beautiful beaches. Whether it’s a business or a pleasure trip, you are bound to visit at least one beach in Goa. The unimaginable beauty of Goa is the result of the impeccable amalgamation between Indian and Portuguese cultures.

Explore these majestic forts and historical sites around Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India and is a known business centre. Hotels in New Delhi are booked year-round with travellers on business, or in the city for an exhibition or conference.

Explore these must visit neighbourhoods when you are in Delhi

When visiting the capital city, booking a stay at a 5 star or 7 star hotel in Delhi and spending time enjoying the facilities is a must, especially if you’re booking a room at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in Delhi.

Getting around in Goa

It is that time of the year when people will be thronging to Goa. Goa hotel packages are in demand at this time. Be it the New Year bashes or the Christmas cheer, this is the best place for revelry and parties.

Lake Pichola-All about Udaipur's most famous attraction

Ever browsed through an Udaipur hotel packages brochure? A little attention-to-detail show you that a lot of the activities often involve Lake Pichola. This is because this lake is the city’s most famous attraction and its history is intertwined with the formation of the city.

Nature getaways around Bengaluru

Business and leisure trips are inherently different. What is common is that they both might get tiring, especially when you are in Bengaluru. However, there is much more to Bengaluru than IT parks and congested roads.

Offbeat activities in the capital city that you can indulge in

Whether you are in the city for a business trip, or just for pleasure, staying in Delhi can be a stressful experience. Confined to a room in any of the New Delhi hotels isn’t how you would want to spend the day.

Offbeat things you can do in New Delhi

You cannot beat New Delhi when it comes to the places to visit. It is the perfect traveller’s paradise. New Delhi is an amalgamation of the old and new.

One day getaways from Chennai that you must check out

Chennai is notorious for its heat. Looking for hotels in Chennai that offer respite from the harsh climate is the obvious way out of this. The Leela Palace Chennai is among the best 5 star hotels in Chennai that offers the best of everything.

Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Mumbai

Exploring things is the best way a couple can come closer. There are numerous ways in which a couple can spend time together, like taking long walks, travelling, and watching sunsets together.

Short stay in Bengaluru here are four places to visit nearby

Checking out all the beautiful parts of a city isn't possible when your trip is a short one. At times, the only travelling you can do is between your hotel and the airport.

Temples in Udaipur you can visit

When you hear the word ‘Udaipur’, you instantly visualize ancient forts and temples, Kings and Queens, invasions and rich heritage. Udaipur has been a prominent city since its inception. Udaipur was always at the helm of spirituality.

The Bangalore Palace - A place you must not miss when in the city

Bangalore might be known as the Garden City, but there are other things worth exploring in the city as well. Bangalore has something for everyone - from places of cultural wonder to trekking opportunities, shopping avenues and food places.

The beach countdown listing down the top sandy spots in Goa

Goa often sits at the top of the list for people who are enthusiastic about their first vacation to the country. During the first few trips, people often opt for Goa hotel deals and Goa hotel packages to add more value to their experience.

The only guide to Cavelossim you will ever need

Cavelossim is a beautiful town in South Goa. It is known for the Cavelossim beach that extends from the southern tip of the Salcette beach. The town is flanked by Sal River which meets the Arabian Sea towards the south. It is home to some of the best hotels, restaurants and spas in Goa.

Top 4 things to do during your stay in Gurugram

Gurugram or Gurgaon isn’t just about checking in into posh 5 star hotels and taking care of your professional and personal commitments in the city.

Top 5 getaways on the outskirts of Mumbai

Mumbai is a busy city. The city dwellers are used to living a fast and hectic life. So whether you are in the city for business or leisure, a busy week calls for a getaway. We list five places close to top hotels in Mumbai suitable for a day trip to get your dose of relaxation.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, is more than just an IT hub. Apart from budding start-ups, Bangalore is also home to several gardens and hence is popularly known as the ‘Garden City’ as well. Between these two extreme ends, there are several charming things that make this city special.

Vagator beach a must visit when in Goa

Goa is a destination that is ever in demand irrespective of the season. The coastal state is known for its many beaches that range from crowded and happening to secluded and tranquil.

Walking along with history in these 5 places of New Delhi

New Delhi is an amalgamation of traditions and modernity due to its rich heritage. Rulers had been able to control India while sitting in New Delhi from for hundreds of years. This vibrant city has a balance of the old architecture and modern infrastructure.

Wander off to these offbeat places in Udaipur

Tourists visiting Udaipur often book their stay at a Udaipur palace hotel and spend their time visiting the popular attractions in the city.

Travel and Leisure


4 reasons to opt for hotel packages in Goa

Getting the most out of your stay in Goa can add an extra touch of comfort to your stay. Tourists often opt for Goa hotel deals when planning for their vacation to the state. Why? Well, there will be ample reasons for this, and we will highlight the top four.

10 tips to choose the right business hotel

Planning an event is stressful, and a business event is even more difficult. However, one way to make your event hassle-free is to pick the right hotel for your business requirements.

3 incredible holiday destinations in India

From the magnanimous Himalayan range in the north to the vast coastline of the Indian Ocean in the south. From the culturally rich Gulf of Kutch in the west to the chaotic shores of the Bay of Bengal in the east, India has some of the best holiday destinations in the world.

4 souvenirs to take back home from your Bengaluru trip

Luxury hotels in Bengaluru are booked the year-round with techies, businessmen, as well as tourists. However, no trip is complete without some shopping for souvenirs. There are many things available locally that you can take back home from Bengaluru. We shortlist the most popular among them:

4 things Mumbai is known for

Mumbai is known for its glamour and the fast lifestyle. Hotels in Mumbai are full throughout the year with people on business, as well as for leisure. Read on to know about the things that make up Mumbai, and what you should not miss when in the city. The sea

4 things that will make you fall in love with Bengaluru

Bengaluru might be infamous for its traffic and the IT companies, but it is known for its gardens as well. However, there is much more to the city than that. So, whether you are put up at a homestay or a 5-star hotel in Bengaluru, do not miss out on these experiences.

5 adventure activities you must indulge in Goa

The Miami of India – Goa is one of the most sought-after destinations, courtesy its coastline that stretches for miles, shacks and exquisite beaches, fun-filled party-scenes and a plethora of drinking and dining options. But, Goa is not limited to just that.

5 experiences to make the most of your stay in New Delhi

The NCR region is an economic and business hub. Also, it is teeming with history and heritage. New Delhi hotels are fully booked with tourists and business people year-round.

A quick glimpse of Gurugram for first – time visitors

For the ones who haven’t been to Gurugram, they should know that it’s not just a corporate hotspot near the National Capital Region.

A romantic experience you must have in Udaipur

Couples love to visit Udaipur for its grand palaces, heritage hotels, picturesque locations and for the sheer romance of the destination.

Are you looking for luxury stay options in Gurugram with 5 star amenities

The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences is amongst the most well-known luxury hotel in Gurugram. The hotel masterfully blends the elements of luxury, relaxation and business amenities in one.

Book a well-deserved luxury staycation at The Leela Palace New Delhi

Staycations are the newest ways to enjoy a holiday without leaving too far from home. A quick break in luxurious surroundings and a pampering staff is enticing and worthy of an experience. The Leela Palace New Delhi is a perfect getaway within the city for the tired body, mind and soul.

Curated offers from the Leela to satiate your wanderlust

The lockdown due to COVID-19 may have led to your travel plans being cancelled. You might be waiting for the restrictions to lift to venture out, but you are worried about safety.

Experience monsoon magic with neat offers at The Leela Goa

Goa equates to beauty, and this is true during the monsoons too. The rains soaking the flora, fauna, the cheerful people, along with the natural & man-made structures, brings out the greenery and paints a rosy picture of the state.

Get your Delhi dose of luxury with The Leela

There’s genuinely no city like Delhi. Right from bustling gullies of Chandni Chowk to the grand sights of India Gate, the city has it all.

How about taking a family trip to Chennai

Chennai is a known economic and a tourist hub. Hotels in Chennai are booked with tourists as well as people in the city for official business. However, did you know that the city can be the perfect destination for a family vacation too?

Looking for safe hotels to stay in India during COVID19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire hospitality industry to a standstill. It has forced hotels and resorts to rethink their strategy to combat this unprecedented crisis.

Make the best of your stay in Chennai with these getaway options

Chennai definitely has some beautiful hotspots around the city that are not to be missed. When someone is planning to stay at 5 star hotels in Chennai for a week, making one-day trips is often on their mind as the hotspots around are stunning as well as majestic.

Make your next break a staycation

You have had a long week of work and other commitments and it is time that you get a break. However, you cannot take a full-blown vacation because you need to get back to work after the weekend too! This is where the concept of a staycation comes in today – yes you heard that right!

Movies that will give you a travel experience at home

Flights have been grounded; hotels and resorts have closed down, and travel plans cancelled indefinitely. The lockdown, due to coronavirus, has played the perfect spoilsport for every traveller. However, that does not mean that you have to put a full stop to your exploring!

Places to not miss while you visit The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru

The Silicon Valley of India or the IT capital of India, Bengaluru, is one of the largest cities in the country. The city welcomes everyone with open arms, but this, in turn, adds to the chaos and highlighted the need for a smart city, a planned one.

Plan a perfect office trip to Delhi

A guide to everything from what to see to the best place to stay

Relax and unwind with Ayurvedic treatments at The Leela Goa

People head to Goa to relax, unwind and escape the stress of daily life. Spoiling oneself with a spa treatment or two is one of the best ways to do this.

The best places to shop in New Delhi

There is no dearth of malls and showrooms in Delhi. However, shopping at the local bazaar has its own charm. Not to mention they are easier on the pocket too.

The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences more than just a regular business hotel

The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences has all the makings of a classy business hotel. Known for hosting business conferences and exhibitions, it has made waves as one of the topmost business cum luxury hotels in Gurugram.

The Leela Palace Bengaluru offering grandeur to tourists in the city

Bengaluru has the beauty of being a city that exudes tradition, modernity and greenery. There’s genuinely no city like this in the entire country.

The Leela Palace New Delhi-Your luxury hotel-of-choice

Sometimes you meet someone in your life, and you just know that you and this individual are destined to spend a beautiful life together. The same holds true for hotels.

The only guide you need to visit Gurugram

Gurugram is an IT and an industrial hub. It is also home to several recreational centres, biodiversity parks and historical monuments. Whether you are planning to visit the city for business or leisure, this article has you covered.

Things to consider when booking a hotel for travel around India

One of the most important considerations when planning a trip around India is the hotel you wish to stay in. The choice of the hotel depends on several factors, including the price, amenities, location, and accessibility.

Tips to plan your next vacation with luxurious hotels in Gurugram

It is finally that time you have been looking forward to – when you can put your feet up, unwind, relax and infuse some life into your tired nerves.

Travelling Solo to Gurugram? Here’s a quick to-do list

There's nothing like a solo trip to find yourself, or at least find some much-needed peace. Like other trips, there are primarily two categories of solo trips; business (on behalf of your organisation) or pleasure (to take a break or to explore new destinations).

Weekend getaways around Gurugram that you must explore

One of the cities in the Northern Indian that is soon becoming popular is Gurugram. Right from touristy destinations to historical places to luxury hotels, Gurugram has it all. When it comes to weekend getaways, the city has its merits.

What makes Goa the perfect destination for luxury travel in India

Luxury travel is a broad phenomenon. It has no specific definition but is instead luxury travel is highly subjective and constantly changing.

What makes The Leela Mumbai perfect for your safe stay in the city

The reasons you may be hunting for the safe hotels in Mumbai can be plenty. Whether business or pleasure, your stay in the city deserves to be the best. After all, staying in the city of dreams should be complemented by accommodation options that come with no exceptions.

What makes The Leela stand out among all the five star hotels in India

The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts have a unique sense of charm around them, which one cannot find at any other five star hotel in India. It’s no wonder then that The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts often find a spot in lists that rank the best hotels in the world.

Where to travel to post covid-19? Try these Indian destinations

The wait has finally come to an end! For nearly two years, most of us have been at home, fighting the global pandemic. Most of us have been yearning to travel, and finally, the time has come. Restrictions on domestic movement have been eased, and now we’ll see an influx in domestic travelers.

Why business travellers choose The Leela Mumbai

It is never easy to find a business hotel that matches your basic requirements. A perfect business hotel has the amenities that make the most of your business trip without any hassle or complaints to the reception. Such fulfilment is what The Leela Mumbai strives to provide to all its guests.

Why you should book The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences for your next business meet

In the recent years, Gurugram has seen significant development in some of the major sectors such as information & technology, FMCG, or banking. The growth has also lead to many alliances with multinational organizations.

Your action-packed itinerary for Gurugram

Gurugram has become synonymous with a city that is rapidly developing when it comes to infrastructure. Situated so close to New Delhi, Gurugram is becoming a hub of entertainment for people who are done exploring Delhi. Following are the places you can visit:

Weddings & Celebrations


4 reasons why having a destination wedding with a resort is a good idea

Every couple has a perfect picture of what they want their wedding to look and feel like. But, when reality sets in, the co-ordination and planning of an entire wedding can take a toll on the couple.

Destination wedding in Chennai

Planning to get hitched in Chennai? Why not have the sea as a backdrop? Why not host your functions at one of the best five star hotels with banquet halls in Chennai? The Leela Palace Chennai needs no introduction.

Make your dream wedding a reality at The Leela Palace Bengaluru

It is called the big fat Indian wedding for a reason. The rituals and ceremonies of an Indian wedding are a grand affair spanning across days with dances, parties and music and food. Such celebrations call for a venue that is equally majestic.

The Leela properties are the perfect venue for destination weddings

Destination weddings are an 'in' thing. As beautiful as they are, planning one involves a number of factors and things that need to be considered. There are many arrangements to be made, right from travel and stay, to hotel bookings, food and decorations.