A foodie's paradise: Try the best Indian cuisine at Jamavar restaurant in Mumbai

October 6, 2023

A foodie's paradise

Mumbai runs on many things - its pumped-up beats, its ambitious populace, and last but not least, its distinct aromas and flavours. For the ones who seek new experiences and signature flavours when in the city of dreams, we dare to recommend the perfect destination - Jamavar restaurant in Mumbai. The signature fine dining restaurant at The Leela Mumbai celebrates the famous 16th-century Jamavar shawls of Kashmir and is adorned with the semblances of the intrinsic ‘paisley’ pattern that is as Indian as it gets. The cuisine and spectacular decor are nothing less than a rich, royal and majestic experience, especially when you visit this best Indian restaurant in Mumbai with your big Indian family.

The history of Jamavar stretches over six centuries and is a tasteful toast to the opulent Indian culture and ancient era. The unique fabric not only accentuates the decor of the place but also mirrors the unique heritage that the restaurant reminds of. The handcrafted excellence cannot be missed amidst the culinary achievements of the Jamavar Mumbai and that is a fine art. The cuisine at the best Indian restaurant in Mumbai united the many flavours of North & South to tantalise the palate and enliven the senses.

A succulent array of Indian flavours at the best Indian restaurant in Mumbai

A brief look at the menu and one can already taste the varied flavours of the royal kitchens of Jamavar - a haven for fine dining in Mumbai. From the tender Murgh ki Chaap to the flavour-packed Tandoori Murgh, each dish that is featured on the menu packs a whole lot of flavour and pride of Indian cuisine. When at this fine dining eatery, one happens to take time and admire the rich menu while indulging in the exclusive wine selection of international labels. Kickstart your gourmet adventure here with some of the finest signature cocktails followed by lip-smacking curries. After satiating your senses with their exuberantly flavoured platter, make sure that you let the famed dessert, Jamavar’s homemade Kesar and Pista Kulfi, steal the show.

From the famed Malabar Prawns to street favourite samosa chaat, smoky kebabs to nostalgic curries, the menu presents endless delicacies that are skilfully prepared with unique combinations and distinct flavours that are collected from across the country to bring alive the rich culinary heritage of India. While everything on the extensive is worth trying, here are the signature dishes of Jamavar Mumbai that one shouldn’t miss.

Dhaniya Murgh :
Classic hand-pulled tandoori chicken smeared in the herby flavours of coriander is just the perfect delicacy to kickstart a meal at Jamavar Mumbai. 

Gosht ki Nihari :
Tender lamb shanks and chops are left overnight on the traditional Indian angeethi and flavoured with the carefully harvested spices of India is a delicacy that is bound to leave you mouth-watering and wanting for more.

Daal Jamavar :
No Indian meal is complete without a rich and hearty bowl of daal and Daal Jamavar does complete justice to this very-Indian sentiment. The slow-simmered black lentils that are flavoured with just enough tanginess of tomato and buttery cream make for a perfect dish to go with the traditional bread at the best Indian restaurant in Mumbai.

Bharwan Tandoori Broccoli :
Mouth-watering stuffed broccoli that is delicately marinated and skilfully prepared over glowing charcoal in a traditional clay oven deserves a spot on your platter along with the rest of the specialties.

Heeng Moong Tikki :
Delicately spiced roundels of Moong Daal Tikki marinated to perfection is yet another delight that is as Indian as it gets.

These delicacies go well with Jamavar’s Biryani, steamed Basmati, griddle-baked stuffed parathas, or tandoor-baked crispy bread - the flavours of which complement the soft melodies that fill the place. Jamavar Mumbai is certainly a culinary achievement that has managed to bring together sumptuous flavours that capture the diversity and heritage of India and let you experience a meal that is hard to forget.

Jamavar’s ambience - A royal affair in Waiting

This Indian restaurant in Mumbai is not only a culinary journey across India but also a unique display of India’s treasured heritage. Jamavar translates to a special shawl made in Kashmir and as the name of the restaurant suggests, it is a recurring motif in their antique-style decor that adds to the grandeur of your meal. 

The restaurant is enriched with hand-carved wooden screens, Jamavar embroidery and paisley details that lend the place a warm and rich ambience and live up to the ethos of Indian hospitality. Such attention to detail is what separates a regular dining experience from exquisite fine dining in Mumbai. From its experimental interiors in somber colours to its luxurious and tasteful tableware, Jamavar is indeed unique in many aspects and deserves to be on the list of your most memorable culinary experiences.

Throw a grand treat at this one-of-a-kind Indian restaurant in Mumbai

With an out-of-the-world elegance and atmosphere, a visit to Jamavar at The Leela Mumbai truly stands out. The lovely dining experience is accentuated by the beautiful scarlet hues, silver platter, and soft melodies enveloping the nostalgic candle-lit ambiance of the place. The next time you are staying at The Leela Mumbai, let yourself be with your loved ones amidst the truly Indian hospitality and melt-in-mouth memories. Jamavar Mumbai is certainly a feast for all five senses.