Buffet breakfasts at The Leela Mumbai

Buffet breakfasts at The Leela Mumbai

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Those who start their day with a good breakfast, end up having an altogether better day. It is said that you should always have breakfast like champions. And very few have the privilege to actually experience it. But at The Leela Mumbai, you will get to experience the best buffet breakfasts in Mumbai.

Here are the types of breakfasts you get at one of the best fine dining restaurant in Mumbai - Citrus.

1. South Indian Breakfast
Relish the wholesome goodness of South Indian cuisine when you are at the Citrus. The breakfast consists of authentic South Indian dishes like dosa, masala dosa, rawa dosa, Plain idli. These are served with the original south Indian coconut chutney and sambhar. You can also enjoy a few appams which are served with super-healthy lamb or vegetable stew. Accompany these nutritious dishes with freshly squeezed juices or seasonal fruits.

2. North Indian Breakfast
Go the North Indian way with this fulfilling breakfast. You will get to taste the typical poori and bhaji dish that does not even make the list in many restaurants. The breakfast also comprises of lip-smacking chhole that you can have with poori. Taste one of the most delicious of the dishes through stuffed lamb kheema, potato and cauliflower paratha which is griddle-baked. The stuffed paratha is served with yoghurt and homemade pickle. Pair it up with a fruit juice which is freshly-squeezed and complete your breakfast.

3. American Breakfast
Enjoy a standard American breakfast which consists of different choices of cereals and oven-fresh baked goodies. You also get a choice of freshly squeezed fruit juices or cut fruits. It also consists of the best protein – any two styles of eggs. The whole list comes with a choice of smoked bacon or country ham or chicken sausages and potatoes.

4. Heart Healthy
As the name suggests, this category of breakfast offered at the Citrus is super-nutritious and specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts. You will get dry muesli with skimmed milk or low fat yoghurt. You can either choose between whole wheat croissant or toast. Get your boost of protein with egg whites scrambled. Get sautéed mushrooms and zucchini on multigrain toast to end the perfect breakfast. Don’t forget to add a dash of vitamins and fibers with the freshly squeezed fruit juices.

While there are numerous options in this breakfast buffet, the Citrus is also known for the most enticing buffet dinner in Mumbai. Known for its full proof hospitality and services, The Leela Mumbai now serves delicious and mouth-watering food at one of its fine dining restaurants in Mumbai.

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