Le Cirque Signature finest fine dining restaurant in town

Le Cirque Signature finest fine dining restaurant in town

Looking for fine dining options in Bengaluru? We know just the place! Grab the finest Italian and French dishes at the Le Cirque, Signature.

The Le Cirque Signature is a Franco-Italian fine dining restaurant in The Leela Palace Bengaluru. Known in culinary circuits for its delectable cuisine, the restaurant has garnered a lot of accolades over the years. Considered one of the best restaurants in the city by food critics, it is also among the highest-rated restaurants on public platforms. The restaurant serves classic Italian dishes and contemporary French cuisine.

The Ambience
The ambience of the restaurant is classic and regal, reflecting the theme of The Leela Palace Bengaluru. You can choose to sit inside or dine alfresco on the terrace overlooking the lawns.

You would be dining on chairs made of best quality wood on tables that have been immaculately laid out. The light streams in from the giant window in the inner restaurant. The chandeliers overhead impart the restaurant an old-worldly charm. The décor is perfect for both- a romantic dinner with your loved one, or a get-together with your entire family.

The food
You can choose from appetisers featuring a mix of vegetable and non-vegetarian dishes. The ‘Portobello and Confit Duck’ made with 25-year-old balsamic vinegar, and truffle jus is a crowd favourite; so is the restaurant special ‘Le Cirque Salad’ featuring Mesclun greens. You should also try the ‘Pan seared Atlantic Scallop with Puy Lentil Cassoulet’ made with parma ham and natural jus.

‘The White and green Asparagus soup,’ a Le Cirque speciality is a delight for the vegetarians in the house. 

Dishes like the authentic ‘Sirio’s Spaghetti Primavera’ and ‘Black Truffle Risotto’ sourced from the Le Cirque, New York are the restaurant’s speciality. If you are a seafood fanatic, the ‘Paupiette’ featuring the Halibut is not to be missed. For the meat-lovers out there, there is ‘Grilled Chicken Paillard’ and the ‘9 Hours slow braised Pork belly’ cooked in apple and celeriac puree.

End the culinary journey with the traditional French dessert, ‘Crème Brulee’ or the ‘Tiramisu’. There are also the Italian favourites- home-made Gelato and Sorbetto on the menu.

The restaurant also offers a 3-course and 4-course set menu. The 3 course menu features an appetiser, a main course and dessert, while the 4 course menu offers soup in addition to the 3 course meal. This is amongst the best and filling way to enjoy fine-dining in Bengaluru.

Le Cirque Signature uses fresh meats and greens that are sourced from the local market. Exotic ingredients used in their dishes are flown in from the country of their origin, and that is what gives the dishes their signature taste. The chefs are very particular about their food and do their best to serve you an experience that is authentic and pleasurable. This, combined with the hospitable and knowledgeable hotel staff, makes this fine dining experience in Bengaluru one that you will remember for years to come.