Explore Galataji Temple in Jaipur

Galataji Temple

The Galtaji Temple is a remarkable Hindu pilgrimage destination that exudes a mystical aura. Constructed by Diwan Rao Kriparam in the 18th century, the temple is dedicated to Saint Galav and is situated about 10 kilometres away from the city, amidst the scenic Aravalli hills.

The temple complex boasts several shrines of Hindu deities such as Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Lord Hanuman. With its majestic pink sandstone architecture and palace-like design, the sight of the temple will leave you awestruck.

Adding to its charm are the holy kunds, pavilions, and natural springs. The temple complex has seven water tanks, fed by natural freshwater springs from the Aravalli hills. Of these, the 'Galta Kund' is believed to be the holiest, and it is always filled with water. Pilgrims take a dip in the sacred waters that flow from the 'Gaumukh', a rock that resembles a cow's head, and fills the tanks.

The temple's picturesque location in the midst of nature adds to its allure and makes it a perfect spot for a scenic getaway.

Location: Jaipur
Distance from the hotel: 25 km
Distance from the airport: 17 km
Driving time: 43 minutes

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