Travelling Solo to Gurugram? Here’s a quick to-do list

Travelling Solo to Gurugram? Here’s a quick to-do list

There's nothing like a solo trip to find yourself, or at least find some much-needed peace. Like other trips, there are primarily two categories of solo trips; business (on behalf of your organisation) or pleasure (to take a break or to explore new destinations). Gurugram has recently earned a place in the tourism radar and often sees travellers visiting it with different purposes.

No matter the purpose of your trip, your travel outing during your trip shouldn't merely consist of going to and fro from the airport to the hotels in Gurugram.

The article provides you with a quick to-do list that you can follow on your solo trip to Gurugram and then elaborates on these to-do activities.

Things-to-do for solo travellers in Gurugram:
- Check out the Kingdom of Dreams
- Attend a live Gig
- Visit Ambience mall
- Visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurugram
One of Gurugram's most majestic attractions (yes, the 5 star hotels in Gurugram aren't the only beautiful properties in the city), the Kingdom of Dreams is the first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination in the country. The attraction has a magnificent structure and glitters beautifully. Visitors get to have a taste of modern and contemporary India with the interactive tableaus, arts and galleys. The attraction also has India's first skydome called Culture Gully that showcases the culture of 14 Indian states through street arts, cuisines, and the local fine arts.

Attend a Live Gig
For a lone traveller, there's no better companion than some good music. Gurugram has some fantastic locations where one can attend live performances and indulge in some magic music. Right from rock, jazz, pop, and Sufi music, to solo performances and band nights, your desire for listening to soulful music will not go unfulfilled in Gurugram. Hard Rock Café is the go-to place for some excellent live music, along with other joints, spread out across the city. Among the best resorts and luxury hotels in Gurugram, The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences is an excellent hotel for single travellers visiting the city. They provide excellent facilities for taking tours and visits to parts of the city that you can avail during your stay.

Ambience Mall, Gurugram
Malls are aplenty, but in Gurugram, there's none like Ambience Mall. This mall houses popular international and designer Indian brands. The mall also has an excellent food court. For the more adventurous traveller, the mall has an ice-skating rink which is one of the must-try unique experiences in the city.

Go Birdwatching at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
If you don't need friends to tweet on social media, you definitely don't need company while checking out real-life birds tweeting around. The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary houses 250 species of birds and is an excellent place for viewing birds fluttering by. From your favourite species to some exotic never-before-seen varieties, you can spend hours at this sanctuary which is located on the Farukh Nagar Road.

Make sure to visit each place on the above list to make your solo trip a memory to remember for years to come.