Make your next break a staycation

Make your next break a staycation

You have had a long week of work and other commitments and it is time that you get a break. However, you cannot take a full-blown vacation because you need to get back to work after the weekend too! This is where the concept of a staycation comes in today – yes you heard that right! Not only can a staycation help you get the much-needed break but do so without associated snags. If you are someone looking for your next mini vacation, here are some reasons why a staycation is the best option for you.

Enjoy more and spend less
Travel and lodging are two aspects where people spend the maximum during a holiday. With a staycation, not only do you get to not worry about these but also spend what you save in a more meaningful manner.

Visit more local places
How many times have you visited that nearby touristy spot in your own city? Well, with a staycation you can! Treat yourself to a morning brunch or go around shopping. Even better visit that pub or famous spot you have never been able to. Staycation lets you be the tourist in your own city.

Chuck that packing
Forget the worry of having to pack in a lot of clothes and other accessories. After all, you are in your city on a vacation! Your belongings are where they need to be and who knows, you can even sneak a little trip back home and get what you want (in case you forget!).

No travel stress and anxiety
Avoid all the travel-related worries with a staycation given that you do not have a flight to catch or a train time to keep up with. Just drive down to your luxury hotel and there you are. There is zero planning and rejuvenation guaranteed.

Depending on your plans, you can actually extend your stay or shorten the trip. In a staycation, you are your own master. If you are looking for some luxury hotels in Gurugram for a staycation, we have you covered. For the best luxury hotel experience in Gurugram, check out The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences. This luxury hotel in Gurugram is a rare convenience of staying in close proximity to the airport, business districts, high-end luxury residences, a 9-hole golf course, shopping plazas and ample of space around the hotel for a morning run. What’s more is that you also get to enjoy a host of privileges, including the best buffet breakfast in Gurugram's largest lifestyle hotel.

Stay in accommodation that is amongst the most spacious in the city overlooking the lush greenery of the open Rajokri Greens. Enjoy a king’s breakfast, one delightful culinary experience curated for two people, Leela ceremonial rituals followed by sunset cocktails and a host of hotel privileges including a confirmed early check-in and late check-out till 6PM, 20% off on dining and laundry services. If this does not excite you about staying at the best luxury hotel in Gurugram, check out the "Staycation" offer and you are sure to be allured. T&C apply*.

Happy staycations!

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