Thrilling water sports in Ashtamudi’s adventure island

Thrilling water sports in Ashtamudi’s adventure island

Looking forward to spending an exciting holiday at Kerala? Then Ashtamudi is a welcoming destination offering a range of thrilling adventure activities. The Asramam Adventure Park located at the core of Kollam district, adjoining the Ashtamudi backwaters is promoted by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) and Asramam Destination Management Council to encourage recreational activities in the region. Tourists inclined towards adventure activities can experience kayaking, parasailing, pedal-boating, banana or bumper boating, jet skiing and speed boat rides on the adventure island of Ashtamudi. Water sports are limited or mostly not operational from July to September, mainly due to frequent rainfall and thunderstorms.

The picturesque adventure park amidst the lake is also popularly known as the Asramam Picnic Village due to the series of fun activities it provides. The heritage of Asramam mangrove forest on the shore of Ashtamudi Lake is highly admired for preserving many endangered species of mangroves in the region. Besides water sports, there are playgrounds and picnic areas to spend leisure time at the park.

Here are some top water sports to experience on the adventure island of Ashtamudi:

Kayaking: This activity starts on a nano kayak boat with a maximum seating capacity of only two people. Rowing through the serene waters in a kayak is an amazing way to explore the gorgeous backwaters of Kerala at a slow pace.

Scuba diving: This is a popular water sport that you can experience at the Kovalam beach while you dive into the cool waters and view the fascinating marine life. It is a calm water sport to feel the aquatic life for few minutes. The scuba divers ensure enough safety while the travellers enthusiastically observe the aquatic life, almost touching the seabed.

Parasailing: It is a beautiful water sport striking a balanced experience between flying in the sky and the pristine sea beneath. The attached parachute ensures safety while parasailing and lets you enjoy the mesmerising views of the sunset, the shore and beach waters. 

River crossing: Indeed, a fun sport where the traveller feels like walking on the water while crossing the river using a pair of ropes. It is an exciting water sport that lets you  explore the backwaters on foot, floating in the water through a manual ropeway.

Bamboo rafting: Indulge in the traditional life of Kerala while cruising on a bamboo raft. This is a peaceful activity on the backwaters where you can cruise through the clear green waters of the lake and feel the nature around you with closed eyes. It will give a refreshing feel as you flow peacefully on the bamboo raft, enjoying the panoramic views all around.

Boating in backwaters: If you love boating, then you will find many boating options to explore the Ashtamudi backwaters. Regular backwater tours are carried on in different waterways such as houseboats, luxury boats, and speedboats. The boating activities are operational in association with the boat club and adventure park.

Besides the above, there are major beachside water sports in Kerala that tourists can indulge in – snorkelling, sea surfing, water skiing, wind surfing and banana boating. Do check for the availability of water sports before visiting the beach as some activities may not be operational due to the day weather.