5 Must-try activities near Kovalam beach resorts for adventure seekers

5 Must-try activities near Kovalam beach resorts for adventure seekers

When in Kerala, do as the Keralites do! And the natives here sure love a bit of an adrenaline rush.

If you find yourself enjoying a well-earned location at a stunning Kovalam beach resort, then beyond the laidback sun and the sand, there is a lot of adventure to be found. We are, of course, talking about a multitude of adventurous getaways that are always on top of the list of ’things to do in Kovalam’ for tourists from all over the world.

If you are planning a stay at one of the best resorts in Kovalam soon, like The Leela Kovalam – A Raviz Hotel, you must have seen jaw-dropping pictures of all manners of water sports that promise exhilarating fun beyond measure. Well, the backwaters of Kerala and beyond host the best of adventure activities that will make your stay at your Kovalam beach resort memorable. Be it scuba diving in Kovalam, parasailing in Kovalam, or other water sports in Kovalam, we say don’t forget to pack your sporty gear or add a day or two of adventure to your Kovalam itinerary.  

Here are five must-try activities near your Kovalam beach resort for adventure seekers:

Surfing in Kovalam: Ride the waves like a pro

If you love riding the waves, you can't miss surfing at Kovalam beach. It is one of the most sought after Kovalam beach activities around. The beach has consistent waves throughout the year and is suitable for beginners and experts alike. You can rent a surfboard or take a lesson from one of the local surf schools and enjoy the thrill of surfing in the Arabian sea. Some of the best surf spots near Kovalam resorts are Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and Samudra Beach.

Paragliding and Parasailing in Kovalam: For a panoramic view of a lifetime

For a bird's eye view of the beautiful coastline, try paragliding at Varkala, which is about an hour's drive from Kovalam. You can choose from different flight durations and heights depending on your preference and budget. Paragliding at Varkala will give you a unique perspective of this scenic destination and leave you with lasting memories. But if you and your loved ones want something closer to your Kovalam beach resort, then indulge in parasailing – a thrilling and safe activity where you soar high above the sea, attached to a parachute and a motorboat.

Scuba diving in Kovalam: Explore the hidden marine world

Who can help not being enchanted by the mysterious depths of the Arabian sea? If you want to explore the underwater world of Kovalam, scuba diving is the perfect activity for you. Discover the rich marine life and coral reefs that lie beneath, along with schools of colourful fish, turtles, rays, sharks and more as you dive along with a certified instructor. You can also take a scuba diving course if you want to learn more about this fascinating sport. Some of the best scuba diving sites near Kovalam resorts are Bond Safari Park, Poovar Island, and Chowara Beach. Many consider them to be unmissable Kovalam tourist places.

Water sports in Kovalam: Indulge in local activities

If you enquire at your Kovalam beach resort about any water sports in the vicinity, then you will be met with a resounding yes. Snorkelling in Kovalam, along with catamaran rides and fishing, can be a big part of your adventurous day out in the beach town as you experience the spectacular underwater vistas, experience the sailing adventures of local fisherfolk, or learn new tricks for effortless game fishing that brings you closer to nature.

Trekking in Kovalam: Wander closer to nature

If you prefer land-based activities, trekking is another great option for adventure seekers near Kovalam beach resorts. Trekking is a wonderful way to experience the natural beauty and culture of Kerala by walking through its forests, hills and plantations. You can enjoy breathtaking views, fresh air and wildlife as you trek along various trails with a guide or on your own. Some of the best trekking spots near Kovalam beach resorts are Ponmudi Hill Station, Agasthyakoodam Peak, and Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

These are just some of the many activities that await you near Kovalam beach resorts if you are looking for some adventure on your vacation. Can’t get enough of Kovalam’s bounty of adventures? Well, here’s a bonus suggestion: How about cruising along the waters of Poovar coastal village near Kovalam? Another fun way to enjoy the water near Kovalam beach resorts is rafting and kayaking. Kayaking is a relaxing activity that lets you paddle along the calm backwaters and lagoons of Kerala with your friends or family. You can admire the lush greenery, coconut palms and local villages as you kayak through these serene waterways.

The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel: One of the best Kovalam resorts for luxury and adventure

Yes, there is no dearth of adventures in Kovalam. But for many people, these adventures are only worth it if they are easily accessible from their Kovalam beach resort. In that regard, the aptly situated The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel, is the perfect springboard for all the thrilling activities you have planned for the ultimate vacation in Kovalam.

Nestled on a cliff-top with acres of lush greenery around, The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel is one of the most popular Kovalam beach resorts for both thrill and luxury seekers. Like some of the best resorts in Kovalam, The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel leaves no stone unturned to hook its patrons up with gorgeous escapes and feisty experiences in Kerala’s wild. You can book personalised experiences at the resort that help you accomplish your bucket list of the best things to do in Kovalam: scuba-diving, snorkelling, paragliding, surfing, trekking, speed-boating, river rafting, fishing, or just the most gala time aboard local catamarans.  

And when you want to take a deserved, leisurely break after exhausting and exhilarating yourself, The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel’s 5-star villas with panoramic views, healing ayurvedic treatments, and refreshing cuisines will come to your rescue.

Are you ready to make memories worth a lifetime at one of the best Kovalam resorts in Kerala?