A day out in the houseboats of Alleppey

A day out in the houseboats of Alleppey

Kerala, god’s very own country is the Indian heaven for travellers who wish to experience a relaxing vacation in the lap of nature. The state is a tourist’s paradise for many reasons including not one but the many locations and hill stations worth visiting for their own uniqueness. One of the striking locations in Kerala is ‘Alleppey,’ popularly known as the ‘Venice of the East’ due to its beautiful houseboats swaying softly through the backwaters.

When you visit Alleppey, you cannot miss the houseboat journey that offers a day tour and accommodation facilities for the guests. It is an ideal way to devote your day relaxing in a houseboat in Alleppey and observing the beauty of the picturesque landscape around. If you are lucky, you can even experience some light showers and drizzles while cruising on the backwaters.

Tourists can choose from different houseboats (ac / non-ac, deluxe and premium) that are available basis their vacation budget. Check for houseboats with double decks; this can give you a chance to capture some of the best scenes around.  

Let’s see how travellers can plan their day out in the houseboat of Alleppey:

  • On reaching Alleppey, you can book a houseboat through your tour operator or guide, or just visit the starting point from where the houseboats start, to confirm the booking for a day tour. In case you have planned for a houseboat stay, the same can be pre-booked via different booking platforms online in advance.
  • Once you enter the houseboat, the crew members will welcome the group with refreshing juices. While the boat is still docked, you can check the different areas in the houseboat - the rooms, the deck, the aisle as well as the gallery where many selfies can be clicked before the boat starts moving.
  • While you are on your journey, get ready to enjoy the best views of the Kerala backwaters featuring tall coconut trees, paddy fields, migratory birds, seagulls, sea weed and many other houseboats simultaneously passing through the waters.
  • During lunch time, the houseboat is anchored at yet another scenic spot and you can enjoy the perfect blend of Keralite cuisine on the deck area while enjoying the cool breeze. The sea-food dishes are surely not to be missed.
  • After lunch, the houseboat starts sailing again towards some more beautiful, panoramic views that are a delight to watch. There is a one-hour canoe ride available, in case you want to take a closer look at the neighbouring villages and local activities taking place on the banks.
  • There are tea and snacks offered as the evening hour begins. Just around sunset time, the still backwaters appear to be glowing as the sunrays reflect from the surface of the lake, making it sparkle beautifully.
  • On the way back to the starting point, guests can rest in the rooms just before the journey ends. In case you have booked a houseboat stay, you can relax and wait for the dinner to arrive.

Safe to say, a day spent in a houseboat at Alleppey is a worthwhile experience and promises to give you sweet memories of the splendid backwaters. You can chose to explore the shores and fishermen or can enjoy a day of absolute luxury, spending quality time on the boats themselves.