Spending a day at Ashtamudi – What are the attractions and activities for tourists?

Spending a day at Ashtamudi – What are the attractions and activities for tourists?

If you plan on visiting Kerala for vacation, Ashtamudi is the one tranquil destination in the district of Kollam that you simply cannot exclude from your travel itinerary. The expansive lake, relaxing houseboat cruises, stunning views, and the history of Ashtamudi lures you in and captivates you. The Ashtamudi lake signifies eight braids, features multiple branches, and forms a popular pathway to the scenic backwaters of Kerala. The best time to visit Ashtamudi is during the winter season between August and January. Even the monsoon months are a good time to experience the lush green beauty of the Ashtamudi region.

Here are some top attractions and activities that tourists enjoy in Ashtamudi all year round:

Cruise on the Ashtamudi Lake: Indulging in a boat ride on the beautiful Ashtamudi lake is the best way to explore the stunning scenes of the region. During the boat ride, observe the scenery bound by sun rays, tall palm trees and abundance of flora and fauna around. Visitors can explore the lake through various activities like boat rides, kayaking, and fishing or experience the luxurious houseboat stays.

Visit to Jatayu Earth Centre: This is a popular landmark featuring the world’s largest bird sculpture of Jatayu - a legendary bird from Ramayana. The massive statue stands tall at an altitude of 350m above the sea level. Besides, there is a nature park spread over 65acres that hosts various adventure activities and offers panoramic views from the top.

Pray at the beautiful temples of the south: The Veerabhadra temple in Ashtamudi is a location in southern India that is regarded with high religious significance. Whether it be the old Oachira temple or the Ashramam Sree Krishnaswamy temple and Sreemahadeva Temple located bang on the Ashtamudi lake, taking a stroll through them gives you a glimpse into the past and sets a spiritual tone to your day – calm, serene and beautiful.

Relax on the beaches: Undoubtedly, Ashtamudi lake is a prime location, but tourists can spend some time relaxing at the neighbouring beaches such as the Thirumullavaram Beach and Kollam Beach too. These are white sand beaches with shady palm trees and refreshing sea freeze, just perfect for some peaceful leisure time.

Experience the waterfall: The might with which the gushing waters of the Palaruvi Waterfall flows, makes the water seem almost white and frothy, like clouds in the sky. Tourists visit this destination for picnics and enjoy the cold waterfall during summers while savouring the fine mist all over.

Thangassery lighthouse: The Thangassery lighthouse and Kovilthottam lighthouse stand tall at Kollam and carry the legacy of maritime history with them. They are visited by tourists to capture some breath-taking visuals. Constructed to provide support to the Neendakara port, this 18-meter-tall, black and white structure is the perfect aesthetic addition to the scenery.

Overall, Ashtamudi in Kerala is a real gem for tourists wanting a break from their routine fast-paced life. Refreshing scenes and enjoyable attractions in the lap of nature is what Ashtamudi is all about. Kerala has many stunning locations and Ashtamudi fits the spot of an ideal tourist destination in god’s own country. Unwind, relax, and rejuvenate for a few days in the land of eight islands - Ashtamudi, Kerala.