Tips to plan your next vacation with luxurious hotels in Gurugram

Tips to plan your next vacation with luxurious hotels in Gurugram

It is finally that time you have been looking forward to – when you can put your feet up, unwind, relax and infuse some life into your tired nerves. Life in a metro can be draining, especially given the unforgiving demands of a high-flying career and balancing an equally challenging family environment. A luxury vacation is just the thing you are looking for. What separates a luxury vacation from a ‘crash-into-motel’ stay is the level of services that hotels and travel assists offer. Luxury is defined by everything that is offered in anticipation of the needs of the guest. It’s the little things that are personalized and the attention to detail that acts as ultimate times-savers. While you may be ready to splurge in return for opulent services and conveniences, it is good to know how to get pampered while on vacation. Here’s a lowdown on some things that can transform your weekend getaway into a truly satisfying luxury staycation.

Let your emotions set your expectations

Stress is by far the biggest determining factor when it comes to planning a vacation. Set your goals clearly and talk to your travel agent about what your expectations are from this trip. Getting away from the daily rut can mean indulging in an enriching experience that does not have you running from pillar to post. Rather than thinking about where to go, make a check list of what you want to do on your trip.

Plan in advance

Luxury vacations may seem like a distant dream unless you start planning early. Plan atleast 6 months before the vacation date. While 5 star stays are certainly not going to work out cheap, sound planning and saving up can help prevent a big financial dent. Study the expenditure your trip might cost you, and research everything from seasonal rates of luxury resorts to travel expenses at that time of the year.

Travel cheap and stay well

If you are able to find cheaper flights or other less expensive travel options to the destination of your choice, then you may be able to spend a little more on your stay. Do your research and if you think nothing suits you then plan a staycation in and around your city to save on travel costs. For example, you can plan a long weekend at a luxurious 5 star hotel in Gurugram to take a quick break from the routine.

Make a list of your dream hotels

If you have indeed decided on the destination for your vacation, prepare a list of hotels in and around that location to help you easily zero in on your choice when planning a stay. Follow their rates and look for discounts, festive offers and special coupons. For example, there are special stay offers for exclusive members on some debit/credit cards from time to time.

Pick on where to spend

Not everyone can do everything. Especially when it comes to travel and vacations, time is precious. While you may want to do a million things, maybe you can tick off your bucket list, few things at a time. Choose to do a safari by taking a cheaper flight, splurge on a beach resort while saving on intracity- transport by walking, go for a standard room as you indulge in a refreshing spa experience or book a cheap stay and switch to an upgrade towards the end of your stay.

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