From Dim Sum to Peking Duck: A guide to the best Chinese fine dining restaurant in Chennai

A guide to the best Chinese fine dining restaurant in Chennai

There is just something special about the laidback magnificence of a city like Chennai. So much so that it makes one imagine sprawling dim sum Sunday brunches paired with perfectly tranquil vistas of the Bay of Bengal.
Is it a surprise then, to see a throng of Chennai locals and travellers at China XO every other day? 

Many consider it to be the best Chinese restaurant in Chennai for a fine dining experience, and for good reason. A stand-out amongst a smattering of Chinese fine dining restaurants in the city, China XO promises magical delicacies that recount stories of flavours from the Orient. Think of an array of dim sums that will leave you spoilt for choice. Or the succulent Peking Duck in all its mouth-watering glory. 

Couple that with an intricately Oriental setting, a bar, an alfresco overlooking the sea, and four wine cellars at your disposal - and your perfect Chennai brunch is served. 

So, what more does this luxurious, contemporary, and elegant Chinese restaurant in Chennai bring to the table? Here is a quick guide.  

Inside the menu of the best Chinese restaurant in Chennai

At The Leela Palace Chennai, chefs truly know the secret to bringing China to Chennai. Perhaps that is why it is suffixed by XO, which aptly stands for ‘Extra Ordinary’.  


Curated by our seasoned chef - Chef Dharmen Makwana, China XO’s menu has many hallmark Cantonese dishes, along with delicacies from regions that are famous for their cuisine, such as Beijing and Szechuan. They include: 

  • The finest variety of dim sums such as edamame, shiitake mushroom, spinach prawn, seafood siumai, Chilean sea bass, truffle, etc.
  • The scrumptiously authentic wood-fired Peking duck, sliced and served at the table. 
  • Scallops in XO sauce, another crowd favourite to savour, along with various Oriental styles of chicken, soups, noodles, and dessert. 

Dedicated menus on offer

Here is an authentic Chinese restaurant in Chennai that packages its signature dishes differently. Cue China XO’s fine dining menus that have something special for every gastronomist at heart.  

Lunch set menu (non-veg)
Lose yourself in the best non-vegetarian delicacies that the Cantonese and other Chinese provinces have to offer, starting off with curated trios of dim sums, followed by soup, and a hearty main course. Must try: Seafood spinach soup, Wok Tossed Sliced Lamb in Black Pepper Sauce, and Kung Pao Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Dry Chilli. 

Lunch set menu (veg)
For those who prefer to consume a vegetarian diet, China XO’s lunch set menu does not fail to delight. Must try: Pine nut and Pumpkin dim sum, Braised Eggplant in Chilli Bean Sauce, and Steamed Tofu with Sichuan Peppercorn in Casserole “Ma Po Style”. 

Premium set menu
This is where the experienced chefs at China XO really showcase their skilful culinary artistry on your plates. This 4-course meal with 5 different styles of dim sum and Fried soft-shell crab with golden roasted garlic as an appetiser will leave your taste buds tingled. Must try: Clear soup with lobster Scallop and cucumber, Hong Kong style Pan fried Angus Rib eye with red wine tomato sauce, and the exotic Chinese Dessert Sampler Platter. 

Basic set menu
Another 4-course set menu par excellence! The basic set is recommended for those new to the Oriental gastronomic journey. Must try: Crabmeat and sweet corn soup, Kung Poa chicken, and stir-fried prawn in XO sauce.

Special set menu
The special set menu brings even more to the table, prepared expertly by China XO’s skilled chefs. Must try: Fried prawns butter oat crust Hong Kong style, Black pepper Angus tenderloin strips, Clay pot chicken with bamboo shoot and dry bean curd, and Crisp sesame pancake with lotus paste and red bean paste.

A Chinese fine dining ambience and service unlike any other

What many Chinese restaurants lack in the authenticity of their cuisine, they make up for through upscale and contemporary environments. But the same is not the case when it comes to The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts who are renowned for the decadent, luxurious ambience at their hotels.

Located in the lower level of the lobby at The Leela Palace Chennai, China XO is a feast for the eyes as well. That is thanks to its lush dark wood panelling and inviting mustard accents. If the interiors reflect ancient Oriental palaces, the exterior provides a stirring backdrop of the Bay of Bengal. Few places can claim to host better Sunday brunches in Chennai, in that regard. 

Patrons at China XO also have the pleasure of dining privately, thanks to three bespoke areas that offer privacy to you and your select guests. Back inside, the bar and alfresco overlooking the sea make for cosy spots. There is also the Tea bar, the exclusive dim sum station, and the wood-fired duck roast oven to enjoy. 

Of course, what China XO does best is offering sensational wine pairings with each of their flavourful dishes. With four wine cellars hosting some of the choicest wines from around the world, giving into the temptation of sipping them to heighten the taste of Orient is highly recommended. 

An authentic Chinese fine dining experience for everyone

From its stunning atmosphere and attentive service to a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Chinese dishes, China XO has truly elevated the level of oriental gourmet experiences on offer in the city. Its iconic setting by the sea adds to its eclectic charm.

If you are planning to pay the restaurant a visit, then note the below-mentioned welcome hours: 
Lunch: 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Sunday Brunch: 12:00 noon to 3:30 pm

Whether you want to relish the dim sums or dabble your taste buds in the iconic Peking duck dish, China XO’s curated menus and individual lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch sets will add to ease of ordering to your heart’s content. 

Especially for dim sum enthusiasts, China XO is the place to be for a fine dining experience. The panelled kitchen glass can give keen observers a chance to indulge in the quaint process of making distinct dumplings. What is also exemplary is how the restaurant sources all its ingredients locally. That is a nod to the special city China XO has made home over the last few years, reserving for itself an everlasting place in the culinary scene in Chennai.