A taste of Europe in the heart of India: Le Cirque, the best French and Italian dining restaurant in New Delhi

October 3, 2023

A taste of Europe in the heart of India

‘Bon appetite!’ or ‘Buon appetito!’ – whichever way your culinary allegiances swing, Le Cirque at The Leela Palace New Delhi will certainly leave you impressed. After all, we are talking about the most sought-after dining experience that ranks as both the best French restaurant in New Delhi and the best Italian restaurant in New Delhi. 

Yes, Le Cirque comes with a lot of pedigree. The most iconic of dining institutions in New York, Le Cirque finds itself right at home in the cosmopolitan New Delhi. This is, after all, a city that has quite a love affair with foods and cuisines from cultures and countries far and wide. If you want to experience the magical taste of Europe in the heart of India, then Le Cirque is where you should head out at this very moment.

To give you a taste of the culinary journey that lies ahead of you, imagine plush, exclusive private dining rooms; a chef’s table with its unique fare of interactivity the likes of which you would have never seen before; a show kitchen that will blow your mind; and one of the most incredible bars that comes with a select walk-in wine cellar. 

But the pièce de resistance remains Le Cirque’s menu of the most irresistible French and Italian food in New Delhi – perhaps, even the entire country. Shall we dig in? 

The gastronomic excellence of Le Cirque – Best French and Italian restaurant in New Delhi

Most European cuisines require sophistication in every preparation, and the French and Italian cuisines are no different. They offer a plate of offerings that is as much a mouth-watering delicacy as it is an art form. At Le Cirque, the chefs behind the scenes are well-versed in that – and it reflects in the culinary servings they dish out to all patrons.

So, what are some of the best recommendations for this authentic Italian restaurant in Delhi, straight from their 5-star kitchen? 

  • Le Cirque Garden Vegetables with Truffle Dressing – Vegan and gluten-free preparation of pickled beetroot, frosted walnut, crunchy mix veggies, green pea, and mint sorbet.
  • Ravioli stuffed with Barolo Braised Duck Leg with Black Truffle -  Carrot velouté, rosemary morel mushroom, leeks “spaghetti”, parsley foam
  • Paupiette of Chilean Sea Bass - Creamed leeks, crispy potatoes, Barolo sauce
  • Le Cirque’s Signature Lobster Bisque - Lobster raviolini, saffron gel, basil pearls, sweet paprika oil - a great sample of Italian food in New Delhi
  • Pasta Primavera Original Recipe by Sirio Maccioni
  • Red Beetroot and Burrata Risotto - Crunchy beet, roasted walnut, 24k gold dust

These are a few of the notable highlights of the grand menu. For a more delectable experience, we recommend opting for the chef’s tasting menu. 

So, how does your favourite French and Italian restaurant in New Delhi - Le Cirque - manage to achieve a sensational fare of European dishes? Their secret lies in using the freshest seasonal produce, grown hydroponically for exceptional hygiene and safety. Add to that the perfect balance of flavours and aromas, without the need to come up with eccentric fusions or experimental dishes. Fine diners will also appreciate Le Cirque’s smorgasbord of lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan dishes, fine-tuned to their tastes and preferences.

This Italian-French restaurant in New Delhi serves a vibe out of this world

More than just an original French or authentic Italian restaurant in Delhi, Le Cirque is an exquisite, ambient affair, thronged by the best of celebrities, socialites, and global dignitaries. 

One can imagine exotic interiors with a contemporary touch, inviting colours, and a plush setting that aims to serve the best to the best. Situated on the 10th floor of the 5-star hotel, this French and Italian restaurant in New Delhi comes alive with its splendid bar lounge and the al fresco seating that provides a stunning view of the regal diplomatic enclave in the heart of New Delhi. We would expect nothing less from a stately restaurant at the renowned The Leela Palace New Delhi. 

But the interiors are just the beginning. At the end of the day, it is the experience that counts – one that is as much a feast for the eyes and other senses as it is for the palate. This is one area where Le Cirque creates a vibe out of this world. 

Take the in-demand Chef’s Table, for instance. This is where, from time to time, one can get a deeply profound insight into Michelin-star chefs putting up an awe-inspiring performance of gourmet preparation from them custom-built show kitchen. It is the perfect set-up for the main act to come: the magical medley of European flavours on your plate. 

And would it be a complete European dining experience without pairing your meal with some of the finest wines in the world? Of course not! In 2020, Le Cirque became the only French and Italian restaurant in New Delhi, and one of the only three in India, to receive the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator. It received the award in 2021 as well! So, go ahead and delight yourself with over 350 top-shelf wines in the walk-in wine cellar that are expertly recommended by the restaurant’s ace sommelier and inimitable staff. 

An experience to remember: Le Cirque at The Leela Palace New Delhi

One meal at Le Cirque and you would know that it lives up to the name of the landmark restaurant in New York. For those who are constantly looking for their new favourite Italian restaurant in New Delhi, or a highly recommended French restaurant in New Delhi, it can be the only name. 

Whether you miss the memories of aromatic flavours from your last Euro trip or want to feast on authentic European cuisines for real, then Le Cirque’s signature, stylish menu, coupled with an extravagant wine selection and enthralling chef shows should be added to your culinary bucket list. It is indeed a luxury dining romance with sumptuous French-Italian cuisine to remember!