Citrus Junction: Choose the best restaurant in Gandhinagar for your special celebrations!

October 6, 2023

Citrus Junction at The Leela Gandhinagar

When life’s greatest moments call for a toast, people leave no stone unturned to celebrate like there is no tomorrow. Chief on their list is organising a regal affair at one of the most happening restaurants in the city. After all, no celebration is complete without savouring the choicest delicacies and cuisines that make every occasion better. 

If you find yourself in the lovely city of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and are looking to celebrate a truly special occasion – such as a birthday party, a promotion, a romantic anniversary, or your latest taste of success – then you deserve an iconic fine diner that will colour your memory and revel your senses for a long, long time. Our recommendation? Citrus Junction, Gandhinagar – the best all-day dining restaurant in Gandhinagar! 


Not only does Citrus Junction is The Leela Gandhinagar restaurant of choice for the city’s who’s who, but also provides a truly exceptional blend of classic, luxury ambiance and extraordinary artisanal multi-cuisine fiesta. Imagine memorable festivities against the backdrop of stunning architecture inspired by the heritage past of the iconic Indian Railways. Or the smorgasbord of international cuisines such as Indian, Continental, Oriental, Japanese, Italian, and Middle-Eastern – all as fresh and authentic as they can get! 

This is where your search for the best restaurants in Gandhinagar ends – and Citrus Junction at The Leela Gandhinagar is here to prove why. 

Etch lifelong happy memories at one of the best restaurants in Gandhinagar

If life is a journey that is meant to be celebrated, then there is no better allegorical representation of the same than picturesque, nostalgic train journeys. That is what inspires the entire concept behind Citrus Junction which pays homage to historical Indian railways with a decadent ambiance reminiscent of luxury trains and elaborate dining cars of the past. 

Citrus Junction captures the essence of iconic trains such as the Orient Express or the Palace on Wheels, instantly adding to the mood, and giving you double cause for celebration. This landmark restaurant in Gandhinagar has traditional sitting railway-style tableware and charming décor, which combine well with the stunning al fresco area and extravagant views of Gandhinagar’s Central Vista. 

Add to that exposed ceilings, brass embellishments, Burma teak doors, and mesmerising artwork that brings to life the atmosphere of old carriageways from the golden eras. Now imagine a flurry of laughter, warm smiles, lingering conversations, and the artisanal platters of delectable cuisines marking your celebratory occasion amidst such a fine setting. 

Your colleagues are sure to be impressed by your sophisticated choice of restaurant in Gandhinagar if it is an office party, or your family and friends will find the cosy setting perfectly suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, or intimate get-togethers. This is where Citrus Junction’s best chefs and personal butlers take care of everyone on your guest list with a touch of finesse.

Citrus Junction: Every delicacy is a celebration at this picture-perfect luxury dining restaurant in Gandhinagar 

Citrus Junction takes its tag of being a 5-star multi-cuisine restaurant in Gandhinagar very seriously – as is the hallmark of all hotels and signature restaurants under The Leela Gandhinagar name. 

Whether yours is a close-knit gathering or a humongous affair, selecting a quality diner that offers something to everyone’s taste is exceptionally important. This is where Citrus Junction - the iconic The Leela Gandhinagar restaurant - delivers in leaps and bounds with its culinary range comprising the best of Oriental, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Italian, Indian, and Continental. 

If you are planning a celebratory Sunday brunch or a buffet breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Gandhinagar, then you will be impressed by Citrus Junction, Gandhinagar’s magical culinary offerings. So, what may tickle the fancy of gastronomists in your guest list?

À la carte menu

Prepared à la minute using only the freshest produce - a hallmark of one of the best restaurants in Gandhinagar. Recommendations: 

  • Pickled Apricot, Pumpkin seed, Provolone Cheese appetizer – mixed greens, dried cranberry, provolone cheese, garlic crispies Balsamic / lemon vinaigrette
  • Tangda Style Chilli Chicken / Prawn – A traditional recipe from the old China town of Kolkata
  • 24 Carat Gold and Dark Chicken Dim Sum – Chive sauce, chilli oil
  • Grilled Lamb Rack – Saffron risotto, sweet potato crisp, slow-cooked lamb jus
  • Nasi Goreng – Indonesian style mixed fried rice, chicken satay, prawn cracker, peanut sauce
  • NH-203 Style Lamb Curry – A lost recipe of lamb cooked in an earthen pot, inspired by the eatery joints on National Highway 203 connecting Bhubaneswar to Puri
  • For dessert, you can check out Roots of Cocoa, Mango Rasmalai, and Ivoire Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

Breakfast and beverage menu

The breakfast menu at this restaurant in Gandhinagar has been curated for a healthy, hearty meal featuring quintessential fresh fruits, nuts, cereals, and a decadent variety of Indian and international breakfast meals. On the other hand, you can make way for a more laidback celebration in the al fresco area while sipping on a refreshing hot or cold brew: from fresh teas to authentic loose-leaf varieties, available throughout the day. Recommendations:

  • The exclusive breakfast platter
  • Choose from 8 freshly brewed coffees, including Espresso, Ristretto and Café Macchiato
  • Choose from 15 freshly brewed variants of teas such as the Moroccan Mint, Golden Tips, and the edgy Darjeeling 2nd Flush
  • All manners of shakes, smoothies, coolers, boosters, and zero-proof cocktails

Not only can you let your guests order à la carte but also walk into an inviting live cooking section where Citrus Junction’s chefs would happily enable them to curate a sumptuous serving of dishes best suited to their palate. The buffet features small portions of sophisticated cuisine made possible with the use of chafing dishes. That means your celebrations can keep going on and on without having to pause for multi-course meals. Guests also have access to the preparation of minute dishes such as bread, pizza, and breakfast rolls, all made fresh in the live ovens. 

In conclusion: For celebrations that are a chef’s kiss

All in all, the best of delectable cuisines, scenic views and regal interiors come together expertly at Citrus Junction - the best multi-cuisine restaurant in Gandhinagar - to create a fine venue for all your precious celebrations. By adding to your moments of joy and happiness, this upscale luxury dining restaurant at The Leela Gandhinagar captures your imagination with its tastes and sights. That settles the plan for your next grand celebration!