Special culinary offers at The Leela

Special culinary offers at The Leela

When it comes to dining at The Leela, it is all about flavour, freshness of ingredients and exquisite ambience. The hotels are homes to some of the finest, award winning restaurants in the country. Culinary experiences extend to not only the superb food served at the restaurants but also the surroundings and settings that are conducive to fine dining experiences. The Leela Palace Bengaluru has some of the finest dining restaurants in the city which offer an eclectic choice of cuisines. To make dining here a natural choice, the hotel has several culinary offers waiting to be experienced.

Listed here are some of the promotions at The Leela Palace Bengaluru that you should definitely take advantage of, during your visit:

An Evening of Enchantment at Citrus

Citrus is an all-day-long restaurant that has a variety of cuisines that leave customers spoilt for choice. The restaurant is known for its nutritious and elaborate breakfast offerings that include both Indian and European cuisines.

Experience a spirited evening compromising of live entertainment and a specially-crafted, fusion menu that is available only at dinner-time. There will also be a liquid buffet that will have a select range of beverages.

Dim Sum Delight at Zen

This fine-dining restaurant in Bengaluru is one of the most sought-after restaurants to enjoy Pan Asian cuisine. Diners here can experience the true flavours of Asia through subtle textures, aromatic spices and exotic ingredients freshly prepared by master chefs.


Sunday Dim Sum Brunch at Zen

The restaurant will offer a range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dim sums. On Sunday, you can also try out their range of imported beverages, and a very indulgent brunch.

Delightful Dim sums at Zen

Every Monday to Saturday, indulge in lunch that consists of a mix of Asian-influenced dishes from their popular Dim Sum menu that includes of salad/soup, signature of unlimited Dim sums, and a signature dessert.

Liquid Luxury at Le Cirque Signature

This restaurant offers gastronomic Franco-Italian experiences that are delightfully pleasing to the palate. Chefs here use delicate flavours to create exquisite French dishes and at the same time, whip up hearty flavours and traditionally sharp tastes for its Italian fare.

Every day after 6:30 pm, consume the finest liquors with a signature twist, which include a homemade selection of grappas, limoncello and other interesting beverages.

Vintage Variety at The Library Bar

The Library Bar with its leather and dark wood interiors is perfect for those who would like to relax and unwind in a cosy, inviting atmosphere after work with a colleague or for a special evening that calls for a celebration with a friend. Choose from a range of select malt whiskeys or ask for your favourite tipple from the bartender who will be happy to cater to your request.  Promotion: Check out the collection of whiskey from iconic distilleries across Scotland.

The above promotions ensure that you get to sample the choicest preparations made from the finest ingredients and flavours, offering exceptional experience among all the fine dining restaurants in Bengaluru.

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