Dining experience at Le Cirque Signature: The best French and Italian restaurant in Mumbai

October 6, 2023

Dining experience at Le Cirque Signature

Mumbai, some call it the city of dreams, and some say it’s a city that never sleeps. With its bustling streets and fast-paced lives, Mumbai is truly a potpourri of cultures, communities, and delectable cuisines. Every nook of the city is a celebration of its spirit and a reflection of its myriad flavours. And the same is mirrored in the city’s diverse and exuberant food scene!

Vada pav, pav bhaji, Irani chai, Bombay sandwich - the city’s culinary adventures don’t end at its famed street food. This melting pot of endless flavours is also home to some of the best French and Italian food. If you find yourself touring around or staying at The Leela Mumbai, don’t miss out on the dining experience that is Le Cirque Signature. 

From its exquisite menu to beautiful porcelain interiors, this Italian restaurant in Mumbai is as charismatic as it gets. Let us explore what this unforgettable restaurant holds in store for all the food connoisseurs.

The finest flavours of the best Italian Restaurant in Mumbai

Known for its diverse flavours across French and Italian cuisine, Le Cirque offers appetizers, entrees, and desserts that are carefully curated by some of the best gourmet chefs in the world. One can expect a warm welcome to the 66-cover dining space and find a cosy spot in the highly personalised bar area, the intimate private dining room, or by the romantic, twinkling city lights. 

Touted as the best Italian restaurant in Mumbai, Le Cirque is bound to impress wine epicureans with its stellar list of 240 old and new world wine labels including Dom Perignon, Pol roger Magnum, Sassicaia, Tignanello, Opus One, Chateau Latour and Petrus.

The exquisite culinary creations at this Italian restaurant in Mumbai are made using the best seasonal ingredients from around the globe like black truffle, porcini mushrooms, lobster and burrata cheese. Some of the incontestable highlights from the menu are:

  • Lobster Salad
    Lobster poached to perfection with the creaminess of avocado along with the refreshing flavours of orange smeared in haricot vert lemon oregano dressing. This hearty salad bowl comes further topped with crème fraiche and black caviar. A mouth-watering beginning at your soon-to-be favourite French restaurant in Mumbai? Indeed!
  • White and Green Asparagus Soup
    The goodness of Le Cirque’s Asparagus Soup is complemented by the big and bold flavour of the Tuscan extra virgin oil. The soup comes with crispy Brie fritters and believes us when we say that there’s nothing you won’t love about this specialty. 
  • Hand-cut Fettuccine with Fresh Truffles
    Melt-in-mouth Fettuccine that is hand-cut, fresh morel mushrooms that come from Kashmir where they grow in abundance and in excellence, creamy Parmesan fondue and flavour-packed black truffle shavings - come together and make something wonderful that’s worth trying. Expect nothing less from the best Italian restaurant in Mumbai.
  • Paupiette of Chilean Sea Bass
    The satisfying flavour sea bass is made even more savoury with creamed leeks, potatoes crisped to perfection, and fresh and aromatic hints of Barolo sauce.
  • New Zealand Lamb Chops
    Last but not the least is the signature main course that features the famed lamb chops from New Zealand in nutty pumpkin puree along with fondant vegetables and spiced just enough with lamb jus.

While these are the highlights at Le Cirque, the rest of the menu will certainly get you curious. Whether you are fond of light flavours or a whole different texture, there is plenty to explore at the best Italian restaurant in Mumbai which certainly brings alive the taste of global cuisine and makes a worthy choice for a fine evening with your loved ones.

The breathtaking ambience of Le Cirque Signature in Mumbai

This circus-themed French restaurant in Mumbai is a medley of eccentric details and charming motifs. From the beautiful porcelain Valery and Boch tableware and the finest Zwiesel stemware that adorns each table to the well-stocked wine cellar, there’s plenty to admire. The tableware at this best Italian restaurant in Mumbai especially strikes one with its charming thematic details like circus balls, childishly adorable monkeys, colourful tents and yet Le Cirque presents itself as an unfussy dining eatery. From the menu to its interiors, the delicate balance of flavours and features, Le Cirque is sure to woo your heart.

Le Cirque Signature, an unmissable experience of Italian food in Mumbai

From its eighth-floor vantage point in Andheri East, the restaurant offers a stirring escapade amidst delicious global flavours. A stay at The Leela Mumbai is certainly incomplete without a three-course meal at the best Italian restaurant in Mumbai. Being the second signature restaurant in Asia and the second Le Cirque restaurant in India, the place offers the true taste of French and Italian flavours. With a carefully curated menu and dishes prepared to perfection with the finest ingredients, the restaurant is a must-visit. While Mumbai has no dearth of gourmet options, Le Cirque continues to succeed at stunning gourmands and food explorers seeking the most authentic French and Italian food in Mumbai time and again.