5 Dishes that you must try when in Bengaluru

5 Dishes that you must try when in Bengaluru

The food of Bengaluru is as diverse as the people living there. Whether you wish to taste the street food or experience fine-dining in Bengaluru, the city does not disappoint. It has its share of gourmet food haunts and favourite street-food corners. However, some dishes are common to both. We list five of these dishes that you must try when in Bengaluru.

Mangalore buns

If you have ever ventured out on the streets of Bengaluru, you might have seen food carts selling this. Red fluffy ‘puris’ or buns as they are called in Bengaluru, are a local delicacy from the Udupi region of Karnataka. These buns are made by mixing mashed bananas in the dough. They are enjoyed with chutney and a steaming hot bowl of Sambar. This is a must-have delicacy in Bengaluru.

Dal Obbattu

A dish native to the Mysuru region, this snack-like dessert is the Kannada version of the ‘Puran Poli’ of Maharashtra. Dal Obbattu is made of Toor dal, Rava and flour. They come with a stuffing of jaggery and a sprinkling of cardamom powder in them. The Dal Obbattu is served piping hot with ghee and melts in your mouth. One would be hard-pressed to not reach for a second helping.

Kebabs and rolls

Dining in Bengaluru would be incomplete without a side dish of kebabs! No, the Mughlai delicacies are not just restricted to the streets of the capital city. Bengaluru too has a fair share of joints selling excellent Kebabs, rolls and Shawarmas. You can choose between chicken, mutton and a beef filling. The succulent meat pairs perfectly with the crunchy outer paratha. It is perfectly complemented by the mint chutney and onions that are stuffed inside. The vegetarians too have enough options to choose from. You can go for the paneer and mushroom versions if you are not a meat-eater.

Gobi Manchurian

The street side Gobi Manchurian that you get in Bengaluru deserves a special mention. The ‘Chindian’ dish is entirely different from the version you must have had back home. Fried cauliflower is tossed in a mixture of soy and chilli sauce. Chopped spring onions further up the zing of this dish which is served on a plate or in a bowl with a toothpick or a fork to eat. Though the dry version is more popular, you can ask for a variant with more gravy as well.


Street food in every part of the country is incomplete without the mention of Momo. These dumplings, with a filling of chicken, vegetables or meat, are a much-enjoyed delicacy in the garden city. Some food stalls experiment by adding ingredients like fish and cheese too. You can opt for a fried or a steamed version as per your liking. They are served with a side of spicy schezwan, mayonnaise or a cheese-based sauce.

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