Kottur is a nature-lover’s paradise


Surrounded by all things peaceful and quaint, the village of Kottur is a nature-lover’s paradise. Crowned by the Neyyar reservoir and Kallar river, as well as the famous Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, tourists certainly have much to do here. The Neyyar reservoir hosts many activities for visitors to enjoy including bamboo rafting, pedal boating and Kuttavanchi (bowl boating) for those who enjoy aquatic activities. For people who crave adventure, Kottur also has jungle camping – an enrapturing experience where you can take up one of the six cottages there and indulge in a sensorial experience, birds chirping all around you. Beyond the river lies the more challenging part, with arduous trekking trails and the chance of running into a not-so-friendly elephant or two. 

Another fascinating experience is visiting the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre – an estate spread over 56kms and surrounded by trenches to keep other wildlife at bay. It offers magnificent views of the giants bathing in the mornings, surrounded by lush greenery or being fed by their handlers a little later. These sights are a must-visit for any tourists who want to explore the region.

Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Distance from the hotel: 36 km
Distance from the airport: 36 km 
Driving time: 1 hour 7 minutes

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