The Leela Calendar 2024

A Story Behind Every Artwork - The Leela Calendar 2024

At The Leela, luxury meets conscience, and hospitality is an art form that transcends borders. Rooted in the timeless ethos of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava –Guest is God’, we embark on a journey to redefine luxury through a lens of responsibility and sustainability.

Our commitment extends beyond the opulence of our spaces to a profound connection with nature and communities. For this year’s calendar, we have collaborated with the boundlessly talented and specially-abled artists at Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) to create an artistic interpretation of the iconic vistas of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts. Each month showcases the extraordinary charm of fine art that transports you, page by page into our mesmerizing world, featuring grand architecture and verdant landscapes. 

Join us to be a part of this endeavour where luxury is not just an experience but a force for positive change.

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Know about the story behind every artwork of The Leela Calendar and the artist who created it:


The Leela Palace Bengaluru

An architectural marvel, The Leela Palace Bengaluru reflects the grand style of the Mysore Palace. Set within acres of verdant gardens, the magnificence of this modern palace is evident from the time you enter the intricately crafted porte cochère. 

By Pralay Dey – Foot Artist 

Pralay has mastered both academics and painting and has won many state, national and international level awards. He has been a part of national art competitions, child arts foundations and Kala Utsav. He joined MFPA as a Student Artist in 2022 and is currently pursuing his graduation in Psychology. 

The Leela Palace Chennai

The Leela Palace Chennai is a beautiful amalgamation of the traditional and contemporary. Adorned with intricacies from Chettinad architecture, it harmonizes rich historic influences with luxurious modern hospitality.

By Ganesh Kumar – Mouth Artist 

Ganesh started writing and painting from the age of three. He reads and writes English despite not having attended formal school. Everything he does is self-taught, including mouth painting. A member of the MFPA since 1988, Ganesh’s work currently consists of over 3000 paintings.

The Leela Palace Chennai
The Leela Palace Jaipur

The Leela Palace Jaipur

Set against the backdrop of the imposing Aravalli Hills, The Leela Palace Jaipur is a majestic tribute to Rajasthan's royal heritage. From architectural splendour to bespoke experiences, this beautiful silver-domed palace reflects the culture and vivacity of the Pink City.

By Nadeem Riyasat Ali Shaikh – Foot Artist

Nadeem learned to carry out everyday activities independently at a very young age. At school, he began to write, paint and draw with his feet and went on to complete his board examinations successfully. Free-spirited and passionate about art, Nadeem has been a member of MFPA since 2008.

The Leela Palace New Delhi

A delightful masterpiece, standing testimony to the grandeur of Luyten’s Delhi, The Leela Palace New Delhi combines regal magnificence with contemporary luxury. Exclusive and opulent, it sets the standard for refined elegance in the bustling capital of India.

By Kanmony S – Foot Artist 

Kanmony is a Carnatic music as well as art prodigy. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Music, she has performed on more than 500 stages in India and the Middle East. This proud recipient of numerous awards including a National Award, has been a member of MFPA since July 2022.

The Leela Palace New Delhi
The Leela Palace Udaipur

The Leela Palace Udaipur

The Leela Palace Udaipur is an ode to the land of the Mewars. This enchanting retreat by the banks of Lake Pichola is a symphony of royal Rajasthani architecture, with traditional artisanal crafts, exquisite embellishments and inviting courtyards laden with flowers.

By Sunitha Thrippanikkara – Mouth Artist

With encouragement from her mentor Ganesh Kumar, Mouth Painter and long-time scholarship holder with MFPA, Sunitha has made remarkable progress as an artist. A member of MFPA since 2004, she often creates exquisite paintings of Indian Gods and Goddesses.

The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru

Nestled in the pristine lifestyle enclave of Bhartiya City, The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru is a symbol of true modern luxury with its stunning contemporary interiors and legendary hospitality.

By Swapna Augustine – Foot Artist

Swapna’s parents and teachers encouraged her passion for painting and these were regularly published in student newsletters and youth magazines. A member of MFPA since 1999, she has participated in several group exhibitions across the country.

The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru
The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi

The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi

Located in the heart of the capital city, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi is the perfect destination for both business and leisure with its contemporary elegance and state-of-the-art facilities.

By Jagwinder Singh – Foot Artist 

Creatively inspired and influenced by his father who is a needleworker, Jagwinder has a two-year Diploma in Art and Craft. He has won many district and state level competitions and sold 7 paintings in an exhibition in Singapore. This prospective National Para Cyclist joined MFPA in 2020.

The Leela Gandhinagar

Blending modern splendour with the vibrant traditions of Gujarat, The Leela Gandhinagar is built atop the concourse of the Gandhinagar Railway Station. It offers stunning view of the capital’s Central Vista, starting with Dandi Kutir, Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre and culminating at the Vidhan Sabha.

By Bandenawaz Badshah Nadaf – Foot Artist

Bandenawaz is an accomplished foot painter who has won prizes in several national level art competitions in India. A Member of MFPA since 2015, he is also a national level swimmer and Yellow Belt holder in Karate.

The Leela Gandhinagar
The Leela Ambience Gurugram

The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences

In the heart of Gurugram, surrounded by some of the city’s best restaurants, shopping, and other social attractions, stands The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences, a luxurious hotel providing the best-in-class facilities.

By Srilekha Mandalapalli – Mouth Artist

Even though Srilekha requires help with all her daily chores, that doesn’t deter this graduate from her passion for art. A member of MFPA since 2013, she works tirelessly to encourage and help people with disabilities and also conducts motivational workshops in schools and institutions.

The Leela Mumbai

Set amidst several acres of lush, landscaped gardens, waterfalls and a dreamy lotus-filled fountain, The Leela Mumbai is a sophisticated epicentre for business, shopping and entertainment.

By Manoj Bhingare – Foot and Mouth Artist

Manoj earned a degree in Fine Arts and also completed a course in computer application. He was graced with the Rashtriya Balashri Award for Painting at Rashtrapati Bhavan in 1999. He has been a member of MFPA since 2009.

The Leela Mumbai
The Leela Ashtamudi, A Raviz Hotel

The Leela Ashtamudi, A Raviz Hotel 

Ensconced between the pristine waters of Ashtamudi lake and the ethereal cerulean skies, The Leela Ashtamudi, A Raviz Hotel is a sanctuary of calm that flawlessly balances barefoot luxury with rustic charm. 

By Jesfer Pulikkathody – Mouth Artist

Jesfer found inspiration in the autobiography of the then President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam, and later had the opportunity to present a portrait to him personally. He has been a member of MFPA since 2009.

The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel

The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel is located amidst a grove of coconut palms, lapped by emerald seas and cradled by spectacular crescent beaches, soak in panoramic vistas and witness the most stunning sea views and breath-taking sunsets. 

By Vyshak K – Foot Artist 

Vyshak completed his higher secondary education with flying colours. His parents and teachers strongly supported his attempts to draw and he won appreciation in various competitions even at district-level. He became a member of MFPA in 2015.

The Leela Ashtamudi, A Raviz Hotel