The Leela Ceremonial Ritual: Preserving Tradition, Invoking Spirit

At the heart of our cultural immersion is The Leela Ceremonial Ritual, a showcase that pays homage to the timeless Indian tradition of lamp lighting—an invocation to the spirit of hope and positivity. Through music and dance, this ceremony not only reveals the richness of the region but also provides a unique sense of place. Guided by the ethos of "Atithi Devo Bhava," our palaces, hotels, and resorts actively engage in sacred ceremonial rituals to preserve time-honoured traditions and offer our guests an authentic cultural experience.

As the sun sets, our properties come alive to bring you The Leela Ceremonial Rituals—a visual symphony of ceremonial lamps illuminating light, happiness, and prosperity, accompanied by cultural dance performances. These rituals serve as a window into the world of local communities, showcasing their customs, ideologies, and revered principles. We invite you to join us in these cherished traditions that are close to our hearts.