Blooming Sustainability

Phool: Blooming Sustainability

    In our commitment to a circular economy, we've partnered with Phool to transform florals adorning our properties at end-of-life into something extraordinary. Using Phool’s innovative ‘Flowercycling’ technology that integrates principles of the circular economy, we upcycle these flowers into charcoal-free incense sticks and cones that do not produce harmful toxins when burnt, reducing waste and eliminating pollutants.

    The exquisite organic incense sticks and cones are infused with The Leela’s signature fragrance, Tishya by The Leela.

    This initiative extends beyond environmental impact; it empowers women entrepreneurs, trained to meticulously craft these incense products, they play a crucial role in our journey towards conscious luxury. By supporting Phool, we transcend traditional notions of waste management, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future.