Best places to visit in Gandhinagar – an unforgettable trip

Best Places to Visit in Gandhinagar – An Unforgettable Trip

With so many intriguing and captivating sites to visit in India, travellers may struggle to choose the finest spot to vacation every year. Furthermore, everyone wishes to make their trip a memorable one. Hence, when it comes to shortlisting locations for an unforgettable trip, we all consider the best season, accommodations, surrounding attractions and ease of travel, isn’t it? Tourism in India is highly admired for its traditional value, culture, and local vibes. Whether it is the North, South, East, or West, in India every location has its charm.

Coming to Gujarat, it is the fifth largest Indian state on the western coast of India and is highly acclaimed for its culture, art, handicrafts, beaches, temples, wildlife and more! Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat forms a great holiday destination to explore the attractions and top luxury hotels in the state. It is a carefully planned capital city featuring cutting edge architecture created by Cornell University graduate H.K. Mewada. 

Gandhinagar has a cluster of attractions that are worthy of captivating tourist attention to a great extent. The city has a lot to offer tourists, from landmarks to unveiling historic treasures, vibrant markets, street side local cuisine, mouthwatering deserts and more!

Here is the list of the 10 best places to visit in Gandhinagar:

Sabarmati Ashram – is one of the top attractions amongst tourists. It is also known as the Gandhi Ashram.   Mahatma Gandhi’s home was at the Sabarmati Ashram where he resided with his wife Kasturba Gandhi. The ashram now has a museum, known as the Gandhi Samark Sangralay, which gives glimpses of the simple lifestyle led by the father of our nation.

Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park – is a vast, man-made dinosaur park on the banks of Sabarmati River spread across 988.4 acres of land. It’s the second-largest dinosaur egg hatchery in the world with a vast enthralling botanical garden and camping attractions for its visitors. Recreating the era of the beast that ruled the earth before humans were born is one of the top attractions among children and adults.

Kankaria Lake – is located in the southeastern part of the city in the Maninagar area and was revamped in 2007 for the better. The lake is surrounded by many public attractions such as a zoo, toy train, kids’ city, food stalls and entertainment amenities. In the last week of December, the Kankaria festival gets lit up for a week with many cultural, artistic, and social activities organized during the carnival. A perfect place for family and newlyweds for an exciting vacation.

Akshardham Temple – is also known as Swaminarayan temple and is a grand, minutely carved stone structure serving as one of the foremost pilgrim destinations attracting many devotees to swarm and seek peace and spiritualism. The main attraction is the gold-plated idol of Lord Swaminarayan, the chief deity of the Akshardham temple. The 7-foot-tall idol is in a seated posture with his right hand raised in ‘Abhaya Mudra’. The beautiful temple of Akshardham is the essence of tourism in Gandhinagar and tourists should definitely not miss the unique laser water show scheduled from time to time at the temple.

Dandi Kutir Museum – was opened to the public in January of 2015. Dandi Kutir means ‘Salt Mount’ and symbolizes Gandhiji’s Dandi March to break the Salt Act.  It is one of India’s largest museums inspired by the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and signifies the powerful idea of equality taught by him. The museum is equipped with hi-tech technology which is a major attraction for the visitors - like 3D AV and 360 -degree shows, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s memoir. Also, the museum showcases several Gandhi paintings and remnants for history enthusiasts. 

Rani Roopmati Mosque - is an ideal example of the amalgamation of Hindu and Mughal architecture.  The mosque was built in the 15th century in memory of Rani Roopmati, the Hindu wife of the Sultan of Ahmedabad.  The mosque is huge, standing 32 feet high, and is embellished with beautiful windows and flowers. People visiting Ahmedabad should also add this alluring mosque to their list.

Puneet Van – is a botanical garden in sector 19 in Gandhinagar which is developed and maintained by the forest department of the state. Puneet Van is a famous tourist spot for visitors travelling to Gandhinagar, with its most interesting feature being that each tree planted holds an astrological significance as per Hindu mythology. The garden is also known as the holy forest for the calming atmosphere it provides.

Children’s Park - is a well-known place for both tourists and local visitors.  It is an excellent weekend destination for both children and adults alike. The park is surrounded by lush vegetation and has fun rides like small trains and a boating facility in the heart of the lovely lake.

Sarita Udhyan – It is a riverside park giving a sense of calmness and serenity to its visitors.  The expansive park also has beautiful peacocks gathering around in the evening. It is a perfect picnic spot and one can visit Sarita Udhyan in the evening for some family time and fun as well. 

Craftsman Village – is the most popular place in Gandhinagar for tourists to go on a shopping spree. Craftsman village is located behind the Sabarmati River. If you desire to wear a sari or want to buy for gifting purposes, it is an ideal place and a major attraction for gorgeous ‘Bandhani’ sarees.   Ideally, visit the craftsman village on the last day of the month for some good deals. Clothing at this village market is handmade, budget-friendly and use high-quality fabric.

Best time to visit Gandhinagar

The best time to visit Gandhinagar is between October and February. The climatic conditions are favorable, which means it is neither too cold nor too hot in Gujarat. You can book a 5-star hotel in Gandhinagar for a tranquil and relaxed holiday in a luxurious setting. 

5-star hotels in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is a well-planned city that makes an excellent tourist attraction. Although there may be many 5-star hotels in Gandhinagar, among the esteemed and well-known luxury hotels in Gandhinagar is, The Leela Gandhinagar which is an epitome of luxury in city and the first luxury hotel in Gujrat that is ideal for a lavish stay with family, friends and loved ones.

The amenities at The Leela Gandhinagar are extravagant. You will be greeted with a refreshing drink and guided across the property to explore different areas. Evening events include cultural and traditional entertainment for esteemed visitors. 

The exotic Indian and continental cuisines at the Leela Gandhinagar pamper your tastebuds in a sophisticated way so that the guests feel the exclusivity of the place as they dine and relax. Also, The Leela’s Sunday brunch is a highlight; make the most of your weekend stay here.

Keeping the fun and frolic factors intact, visit the best places in Gandhinagar and choose the best 5-star hotel for an excellent experience at the capital city of Gujarat.