5 Things that Chennai is well-known for

5 Things that Chennai is well-known for

Chennai is home to many conglomerates and international companies. The business opportunities in the city are many owning to its international connection and the educated workforce. You can find people from all over the country settled in Chennai. Business hotels and resorts in Chennai are booked year-round with people on their work visits. However, Chennai has much more to offer other than just business. Read on to know 5 things Chennai is well-known for:

The local food

Chennai is known for the Ambur Biryani. It is a type of Biryani that is local to Chennai. It is made up of lightly spiced rice and spicy meat curry. Chennai is also well known for the Chettinad cuisine. Originating in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, the cuisine has a huge fan following the world over. The cuisines involve a spicy mix of masalas and local ingredients added to a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The Chettinad Chicken and Idiyappam, Paniyaram are amongst the better-known ones. Restaurants and Hotels in Chennai feature various Chettinad dishes on their menu. In Chennai, you will find local restaurants serving a variety of foods, from soft Idlis and crunchy Dosas to mouth-watering Rasam.

Marina beach

Marina beach is among the most popular beaches in Chennai. Clean and tidy, it attracts tourists who want to escape the city and relax. The beach also offers you sporting opportunities, with several water sports available for you to choose from. You can also gorge on the delicious local fare, go for a horse ride, swim in the warm water, or go for a jog or an evening walk on the beach.

The coffee culture

Chennai is known for its coffee. The people here absolutely love their coffee. The coffee culture is going strong since the 1990s. The filter coffee Chennai is well-known for has been made famous throughout the country by South Indian restaurants. Alwarpet, Royapatta and Mylapore are known for their coffees. The best way to enjoy a cup is at the local restaurants or 5-star hotels in Chennai that serve an authentic brew.

The Temples

Chennai is well known for its temples all over the country. The beautiful architecture and the expert craftsmanship is bound to leave you at a loss for words. The towering Gopurams and the beautiful inner sanctums are where the deities are housed and are signature features of the temples here. The designs of the temples are heavily inspired by the Dravidian architecture. The pooja and the aarti in the many festivals conducted here are worth experiencing. It is during festivals when the temples come alive with festivities and devotees throng to the temple. Some of the temples that you should include in your itinerary are Arulmigu Kapaleshwar Temple, Kapaleshwar Temple and the Ashtalakshmi Temple.


Chennai is well known for its sarees. You can choose from amongst an extensive collection of simple or intricately woven sarees at the many textile shops in the market. Chennai silk sarees are justifiably considered one of the most beautiful saree types in the world and are also the most frequently seen in high-fashion and Bollywood circles.

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