Jamavar: A guide to the best fine dining restaurant in Chennai for Indian cuisines

October 5, 2023

A guide to the best fine dining restaurant in Chennai for Indian cuisines

There is no dearth of quintessential dining experiences in the city of Chennai, especially ones that make you relish the authentic tastes of the local cuisine. Yes, it is true that the city’s ever-growing populace of denizens holds a special pride in its regional delicacies. However, occasionally, everyone deserves a taste of the finest pan-Indian cuisine. 

What better spot in the city to experience it, then, other than the best 5-star restaurant in Chennai, Jamavar?

If you are looking for a charming fine dining restaurant in Chennai with a side of royal treatment, then Jamavar at The Leela Palace Chennai is indeed the place to be. The signature restaurant of the globally renowned luxury chain of hotels, Jamavar has slowly developed quite the enticing reputation in Chennai. With an unmistakably royal ambiance paired with a menu of diverse delicacies from select parts of India, Jamavar is where Chennai’s true gourmands come to relish food beyond the tastes that the city offers. 

Be it the irresistible Kumarakom Fish Curry or the precious lamb dish Raan-e-Jamavaar, there is a lot of goodness in store for you at Jamavar, The Leela Palace Chennai. Let us find out. 

Relishing a Buffet of Royal Tastes at the Finest 5-star Indian Restaurant in Chennai 

For those visiting Jamavar for the first time, it is always a pleasant surprise to hear about its chequered history. 

First opened at The Leela Palace Bengaluru in 2001, Jamavar has become as popular as the palatial house of hotels and resorts it comes from. That stems from its presence across many cities in India as well as abroad, as well as its knack for winning laurels for its scrumptious palate of offerings. Forbes USA has also named it among the World’s Top 10 Power Dining Spots. That is categorically true for each of its outlets, including the spectacular one in Chennai. 

Cast one glance at Jamavar’s menu, and you instantly know that you are in for a royal treat. Truly Indian at heart, Jamavar strives to blend the most incredible of Indian recipes into signature preparations – some intrinsically North Indian, some deliciously South Indian, and the rest being a remarkable nod to fusion. 

To give you a hint, here are some of the signature dishes you can savour at Jamavar, The Leela Palace Chennai:

  • Cholapinchu Bezule: Crisp fried baby corn marinated in homemade Jamavar special masala.
  • Murgh Badam ka Shorba: Flavourful chicken broth with almond puree
  • Kumarakom Fish Curry: A delicious fish curry with a spicy essence, made with shallots, green chilli, ginger and Kodampuli tamarind. 
  • Raan-e-Jamavaar: A grilled juicy kid lamb leg marinated in Indian spices and served with a splash of rum. 
  • Dal Jamavar: A creamy and buttery-rich dish of black lentils simmered overnight on tandoor. 

You can find more in the exclusive a la Carte menu on offer, which will help you tick off your bucket list of tasting the finest recipes from various corners of India. And of course, there is also the Sunday-only ‘Jashn-e-Jamavar’ – a fine dining experience in Chennai unlike anywhere else! 

The only buffet restaurant in Chennai where you can reast like a maharaja

Imagine stepping foot inside a palatial North Indian restaurant in Chennai or a 5-star South Indian restaurant in Chennai and being welcomed with not just pleasantries but delicacies specially curated for a Sunday feast! That is the kind of enriching, memorable gastronomic experience that Jamavar strives to create for its patrons through the ‘Jashn-e-Jamavar’ Sunday buffet. 

From welcome drinks that set the tone for the smorgasbord of delectable dishes to come, to the curated menu that takes your appetite to the moon, Jashn-e-Jamavar is a true celebration of the rich tastes of India, albeit with a contemporary twist. 

All that is further accentuated by the palatial setting of the restaurant, complete with majestic décor, sparkling ruby chandeliers, the finest cutlery on display, and the showstopping Maharaja Dining table. The show kitchen further adds to the regal narrative, aiming to leave you utterly in love with the grand ambiance.   

Now, that is to be expected from the best fine dining restaurant in Chennai that is named after the magnificent 16th-century lace shawls of Kashmir – evoking a spirit of grandeur that is ever-present in both its comfy interiors and mesmerising, intricate signature dishes.  

A 5-star restaurant in Chennai for the ages 

All in all, The Leela Palace Chennai has crafted an utterly magical dining experience for the city’s residents and travellers alike through Jamavar. Not only does the restaurant bring to life the most delectable versions of exotic Indian cuisines but also revels in providing its patrons with a rare memory of having feasted like a royal.  

Whether it is for dinner or the unmissable Jashn-e-Jamavar spread on Sundays, Jamavar should be a must-visit for anyone who longs for extraordinary culinary indulgence in the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is not just a celebration of Indian food but also of the revered place our various cuisines hold in our cultures.