Exploring the Historic Places of Bengaluru

Exploring the Historic Places of Bengaluru

The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is one of the most modern cities in India. Most people don’t believe that Bengaluru is home to several historic monuments, but it’s true. The city has done a commendable job of preserving history while moving ahead with the times. Many people visit Bengaluru to learn and work, and that’s why, they don’t know a lot about the city. If you are also one of those, this is the perfect read for you. In this blog, we’ll enlist the best historic places of Bengaluru that you ought to visit: 

  • Bengaluru Fort: The origins of this iconic fort trace back to 1537, and this is one of the oldest monuments in the city. The Bengaluru fort was built by Kempe Gowda I and initially had huge 9 gates. Over  time, some of the architectural structure has been lost. You can visit this fort during the evening to escape the chaos of the city. 
  • Tipu Sultan’s Palace: A palace cum fort, Tipu Sultan’s Palace was built by Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan. It used to be his summer retreat embellished with floral motifs on the walls of the palace. You will also notice an Indo-Islamic style architecture inside along with a display of his crown, clothes, vessels, etc. This is a must-visit for all those who are in Bengaluru. While your stay at The Leela Palace Bengaluru hotel, you can’t afford to miss this palace. 
  • Bangalore Palace: Since several kings and queens lived in Bengaluru, it has a number of palaces. One of the most iconic ones is the Bangalore palace which is spread across 454 acres. In a city like Bengaluru, which is known for its traffic and crowd, having such a huge palace is an achievement in itself. Here, you will find the architecture reflecting the Tudor Revival style. It’s open from 10.00 am to 05.30 pm and the entry fee is around Rs. 230 for Indian citizens. For those who choose a staycation in Bengaluru and don’t want to explore too many places, you can’t skip this one. Some hotel offers in Bengaluru might include a trip to this palace as a bonus. 
  • Mayo Hall: A historic monument, built in the honor of the 4th Viceroy of India, Lord Mayo, was created in 1833. Located in the heart of Bengaluru, Mayo Hall offers a mystical view of the racecourse on one side and Ulsoor Lake along with Parade gardens on the other side. The Bangalore Mahanagar Palika runs on the ground floor and to date, it is well-kept and therefore, is one of the best-preserved public buildings in Bengaluru.

Apart from these, the other historic places you could visit include Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bugle Rock Park, Government Museum, Lal Bagh, Aerospace Museum, Attara Kechari, and more. So, with this we hope you have enough and more options of historic places in Bengaluru. Currently, many people are opting for staycations in Bengaluru and short vacations. In fact, hotel bookings in Bengaluru show that people are keen on visiting the city and exploring its beauty. For the best Palace hotel in Bengaluru, choose only The Leela. 



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