Ceremonial Rituals

    Aarti is a sacred ritual in Hinduism that involves the offering of light and sound to show reverence and gratitude to deities. At The Leela Palace New Delhi, we carry forward this tradition everyday at sunset to invoke the blessings of Devi, an embodiment of Indian goddesses.

    Ceremonial Rituals at The Leela Palace New Delhi

    Ceremony of Light

    To honour the transition of day to night, The Leela Palace New Delhi celebrates with a traditional evening Aarti. The essence is to express gratitude towards God who has bestowed light throughout the day, and during the ceremony we thank the Almighty for all of the love, light and devotion we receive every day.

    The Aarti takes place in the inner courtyard of the Palace every evening, where the ‘Devi’ idol sits atop her throne. Ladies dressed in traditional sarees come together to perform the ceremony and help those who want to float candles and wish for their loved ones. The ritual is brought to an end with prasadam, an Indian drink from Jamavar, distributed to everyone at the end of the pooja. 

    This ‘ceremony of light’ resonates with essence of culture in India and fills the room with a wave of positivity and hope.

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