This magnificent sea-facing modern palace hotel that opened in 2013, reflects the grandeur of the Chettinad dynasty’s palatial architecture and houses some of the most spectacular arts and sculptures created by artists from across India and overseas. In a riot of color, textures, motifs, materials, and mediums that have their own distinct style, they can be spotted in public spaces all around the property like the lobby, restaurants, and even in the suites.

    Begin at the lobby where you can admire ‘Basant’ which means the spring season. Drawing inspiration from the long mustard fields growing on the road to Delhi, and from poet Amir Khusro’s verses on Sarson, which is Mustard in Hindi, artist Surendra Pal Joshi created Basant. 

    ‘Life Circles’ by Madan Meema portrays the cyclic nature of life: birth, life, reproduction, death. Everything has a cycle - that which lives must die. Cycles are a necessary part of life, and they make life all the more worth living.


    Do not miss the striking painting ‘Padmabati’ by Jayshree Burman which is behind the lobby. The name Padmavati is Sanskrit for "she who emerged from lotus". Engrossed in Indian mythology, fantasy, and legends, it depicts Women as the main theme; that they are free and one with nature; almost to the point of having merged and magically transformed.

    Near the Library Bar is a fascinating piece of art called ‘Acrobat’ created by renowned Indian artist Satish Gujral. The Bull is the representation of the “Bullish” economy of India; the Quadricycle denotes progress and dynamism; the Trumpet is a symbol of celebration and pride in our identity. However, since this state is not very stable and needs a balancing act; hence it is titled “Acrobat.

    Spectra showcases a collection of paintings by French artist, Sophie Jo depicting the colour and crowds of India through her eyes while ‘The Silent Sermon’ by Bihar based Sanjay Kumar towards the pool area, depicts the life of Buddha. While on tour, discover ‘The Flying Dream’, a colourful gigantic life-size sculpture by Paresh Maity symbolizing dreams of fragile human relationships. A veritable gallery of fine arts and paintings, the art walk at The Leela Palace Chennai will prove to be a fascinating experience.

    'Peacock Trails' - discover the heritage of Chennai
    Take a guided tour through the lanes of Mylapore, a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of Chennai which is over 2000 years old and has yet kept alive Chennai’s traditions and arts. Explore the hidden stories of local life, of Gods and demons, of ancient customs and symbols, and of Mylapore and Madras. Wonder why it is called the Peacock Trail? Well, there is a story in there too. Find out when you experience it!