Citrus, our all-day diner has a plethora of cuisines that will leave you spoilt for choice. From team lunches or dinners to celebrating milestones, Citrus offers the best dining experience in an idyllic setting. It is ranked amongst the best 5-star restaurants in the city that offer buffet meals.

    Dine at Jamavar, our award-winning premium Indian specialty restaurant which is all about bringing authentic Indian recipes and flavors to your table. Surrender to the gastronomic temptations of the traditional cuisines that were once feasted on by maharajas and nawabs.

    Le Cirque Signature, our Franco-Italian restaurant is about colors and textures of the freshest ingredients, prepared meticulously by our master chef and complemented by the gracious service which you can expect from the moment you step into the restaurant.

    Perfecting the art of Asian cuisines, Zen presents an exotic world where you are treated with a blend of lights, space, symmetry, color, and movement on your platter. One of the most sought-after restaurants for Pan Asian cuisine in Bengaluru, patrons get a chance to experience the flavors of Asia through subtle seasonings, aromas, and textures.

    For those looking for a relaxed evening over a select malt whisky or a favorite chilled glass of wine, head to The Library Bar.

    To enjoy an exclusive culinary experience at The Leela Palace Bengaluru , choose from our curated list of thoughtfully crafted culinary experiences

    An Indianized barbeque evening in the company of our master chefs
    Learn, savour and enjoy a private barbeque evening exclusively curated by our master chefs. Watch and learn as our chefs prepare and talk you through this Indianized barbeque experience and soak and indulge in this flavourful medley of textures. Our master chefs are ready to surprise and delight!

    Tantalize your taste buds with authentic earthen flavours in clay pots
    Traditionally, Indian households are known to have cooked in earthen pots. But in urban households, the paucity of time and maintenance of such vessels have often led people to look for modern options. Relive the old classic way of cooking in the company of our master chefs who will take you through a journey of rich south Indian cuisine cooked using clay pots.

    From delightful modern cuisine to authentic local flavours, our chefs can cook up a culinary repertoire that is both memorable and enriching. Simply ask our Palace Service team for these special culinary or destination dining experiences and our master chefs will conjure them for you.