Uncovering the rich heritage and culture of Kerala

Uncovering the rich heritage and culture of Kerala

There is a reason why Kerala is known as God's Own Country. Located in the southern part of the country is a land filled with rich heritage and culture that has been carefully preserved and nurtured for centuries. Kerala is on every traveller’s bucket list, blessed with abundant natural beauty, tranquil backwaters, picturesque hills, and a diverse ecosystem. The beauty of this state extends even beyond its natural enchantments. It is home to a vibrant culture that perfectly reflects its traditional heritage.

Ayurveda - an age-old practice in the state 

The rich and varied history of Kerala dates back to ancient times. Several dynasties, including the Cheras, Cholas, and Pandayas, ruled Kerala and massively contributed to the state's traditional legacy. Kerala is known for its artistic pursuits, from language and music to dance and art. One of the most integral parts of the state’s heritage is the wisdom of Ayurveda. The state is known to have practiced the traditional methods of Ayurveda to help improve health and lifestyle for over 5000 years. From Ayurvedic hospitals to wellness resorts, one can truly rejuvenate and heal their mind, body, and soul in this holy land.

Feasts and festivals - the native treasures of Kerala 

Another aspect of Kerala that brings it immense pride is the cuisine - a potpourri of local spices and heavenly aromas that make for some of the most famous dishes globally like Appam, Puttu, Idiyappam, and the amazing Kerala-style fish curry. The divine flavours of the cuisine arise from the freshly caught seafood, native ingredients, and age-old recipes that many boutique restaurants and 5-star hotels like The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel and The Raviz Ashtamudi serve to their guests. 

The festivities in Kerala elevate the beauty to a whole new level, and one must visit to truly believe it. Kerala is known for its sacred yet vibrant celebrations during Onam, Vishu, and Thrissur Pooram. Celebrated in August, Onam marks the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali, and the locals celebrate, dance, and feast for as long as 10 days at a time. Another remarkable sight is the Thrissur Pooram celebration - a grand festival known for its magnificent elephant processions and vibrant fireworks with a charm you won't find anywhere else.

The land of art and dance

Kerala's arts and culture scene has always flourished, and many know the rich, classical dance forms, including Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and Koodiyattam. The intricate costumes and vivid expressions of the characters once witnessed on stage are hard to forget. The thriving music scene is also a true reflection of the rich heritage of Kerala and includes several forms like Sopanam and Opana. Not to be forgotten, Kerala is also home to many legendary music maestros like K.J. Yesudas and Raveendran which goes to show how much they value the arts. 

Kerala - Where guest is God

If your Kerala trip is around the corner, you must explore The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel - a beautiful hotel perched on a clifftop and nestled within this balmy paradise's serene, lush greenery. The mesmerizing views of the state will enchant you in all its glory, and the skies will look different each day. With local ceremonial rituals, cultural discoveries, and healing ayurvedic treatments, this place brings a sense of wonder and exploration as you seek memories and find a home in God's country for a few days. 

Kerala's rich heritage is a testament to the state's respect for its traditions. Even a short holiday amidst its panoramic vistas, breathtaking sunsets, and peaceful sea views is enough to catch a glimpse into its unparalleled beauty.