Take a trip to art galleries in Delhi

Take a trip to art galleries in Delhi

The capital city houses many places that you can go to for a dose of art. What is more, these places now play host to a variety of creative workshops too. So, make sure that you include these art galleries in your itinerary when you visit Delhi.

Delhi Art gallery

Established in 1993, Delhi Art Gallery is a free entry gallery space that's a paradise for every art lover. Located amid Hauz Khas Village, the gallery focuses on representing a variety of styles, themes and Indian artworks of the 20th-century. The collection they showcase covers the entire history of modern art in India including works from the early British painters, Bengal School of Art, Progressive Artists Group and the leading contemporary painters of today. Their exhaustive collection includes artworks from renowned artists, like M.F.Husain, J.P. Gangoogly, Amrita Sher-Gill and Laxma Goud. The gallery regularly hosts a number of programs and activities like informal chat sessions, movie screenings, workshops in an attempt to bring in more audience. They also organize a program called Abhas for people who are visually impaired that lets them experience art through tactile aids and a book written in braille. Close to most of the major New Delhi hotels, make sure to take a trip to this gallery when in the capital.

Nature Morte

Nature Morte was opened by artist Peter Nagy in a multi-level space in central-south Delhi. The gallery showcases a variety of contemporary Indian art forms focusing mainly on conceptual, lens-based and installations genres and Pop Art. Many well-known and established contemporary Indian artists are represented by Nature Morte, such as Jitish Kallat, Anita Dube, Subodh Gupta, Mithu Sen, Jagannath Panda, Mona Rai and Thukral & Tagra. The gallery has collaborated with Sanskriti Foundation, Italian Cultural Centre, Khoj and other such institutions which yielded good results. Make sure to include this in your itinerary when in the city.

Exhibit 320

Exhibit 320 is located in Lado Sarai, in the capital city of New Delhi. The exhibition space provides a dynamic and creative hub for artists, art aficionados and showcases contemporary art from India and the sub-continent. Exhibit 320 has created a platform for artistic endeavours, aesthetic explorations, and furthering visual dialogues and emphasizes on art that engages in innovative thoughts and material. The gallery aims to discover and encourage the new generation of contemporary and evolving talent through various seminars, lectures, discussions and talks. In the past exhibitions the gallery has featured works by Tsherin Sherpa from Nepal, Vibha Galhotra from India, Shahzia Sikander, Waqas Khan from Pakistan, Faig Ahmed from Azerbaijan, and Afruz Amighi from Iran.

Talwar Gallery

Talwar Gallery was launched in September 2001 in New York by Deepak Talwar. Later, in 2007, he opened a new branch in Neeti Bagh, New Delhi. Deepak Talwar has been working with contemporary Indian artists since 1996. The gallery represents some of the most exciting young artists of the Indian sub-continent. Nasreen Mohamedi and Rummana Hussain are few of the many influential figures of the 20th century from India represented by the gallery. The artists and their artworks transcend geographical, cultural, religious, and racial boundaries. You can ask your hotel in New Delhi to provide transportation to and from this gallery.

Art Alive

Founded in 2001 by Sunaina Anand, Art Alive is one of the most active gallery spaces in New Delhi showcasing and promoting the best of modern and contemporary Indian art. The gallery exhibits the works of the most well-known names in Indian contemporary art such as S. H. Raza, Sakti Burman, Anjolie Ela, Krishen Khanna, Menon, Jogen Chowdhury, Laxma Goud, Thota Vaikuntam, Narayan Sinha among others. It holds around five individual and group exhibitions per year and hosts a variety of workshops, lectures, and discussions on Indian art. It has carved its name in the modern art world through innovatively and professionally curated shows, critically-edged publications and intra-disciplinary events. The gallery has also made its international presence with shows at the Jebiwool Art Museum, Seoul; Royal College of Arts, London and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London among many others.