The scenic town of Kovalam in Kerala – Why do tourists say, “Let’s stay one more day!”?

The scenic town of Kovalam in Kerala

It is not often that you visit a spellbinding place on your vacation and decide to extend your stay for another day – all because it could turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. The popular beach destination of Kovalam in Kerala may entice you to do so.

Kovalam is famous for its pristine beaches, lush palm groves, and Ayurvedic treatments - experiences that perfectly soothe your mind, body, and soul. Whether you want to soak up the sun, enjoy the waves, or indulge in holistic healing, Kovalam offers something for everyone.

Let us dive into some of the main reasons that will make you prolong your stay in this magical location.

You cannot get enough of Kovalam beaches

One of the highlights of Kovalam is its pristine beaches. The town is home to not one or two but three crescent-shaped beaches that will leave visitors amazed. The largest of these beaches - Lighthouse Beach, is named after the old Vizhinjam Lighthouse that towers over it. The beach is dotted with palm trees and fishing boats. No wonder it is perfectly suitable for a leisurely swim, soaking up the sun, or just going on a relaxing walk. The other two beaches, Samudra Beach and Hawa Beach are equally stunning and offer a quieter, more secluded atmosphere. Hawah Beach is quieter and more romantic, where you can watch fishermen move about, doing their daily work. Samudra Beach is a secluded and serene beach where you can relax and meditate.

You have never experienced rejuvenation like Kovalam's special Ayurveda experiences

Kovalam is also a hub for Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic medicine practice that uses natural herbs and oils to balance the body and mind. You can find many Ayurvedic centres and resorts in Kovalam that offer a range of therapies and massages, such as The Leela Kovalam, A Raviz Hotel. It is not only the best option for a luxurious stay but also offers a world-class Ayurvedic retreat comprising a yoga pavilion and 12 treatment rooms spread across 8,000 sq. ft. Choose from lifestyle, wellness, and therapeutic packages that promise stress relief, detoxification, beautification, rejuvenation, immunity boost, and much more.

You are a culture buff and want to explore Kovalam's rich heritage deeper

Kovalam's ancient temples and churches testify to its rich cultural heritage. The Padmanabhaswamy Temple, located in nearby Thiruvananthapuram, is one of the most famous temples in the country and is a must-visit destination for tourists. The temple's intricate architecture and ornate carvings are remarkable and leave visitors spellbound. Other places of interest include Napier Museum, Kuthiramalika Palace, and Sree Chithra Art Gallery. You can also witness colourful and vibrant festivals and performances of Kerala, such as Onam, Vishu, Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and Theyyam.

The seafood on offer is irresistible

Another reason tourists cannot get enough of Kovalam is its delectable seafood. Being a coastal town, Kovalam is known for serving some of the freshest catches on the plate. Visitors can indulge in various seafood dishes, ranging from succulent prawns and lobsters to spicy fish curries and tandoori crab. The town's seafood shacks and beachside restaurants serve up some of the best seafood in the country and are a foodie's paradise.

Overall, Kerala is a land of scenic beauty and captivating backwaters, and one of its crown jewels is the small and quaint town of Kovalam. Nestled in the coast of the Arabian Sea, Kovalam is a haven for tourists who come to bask in its serene beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and mouth-watering seafood. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that tourists often find themselves saying, "Let's stay one more day!" when they visit Kovalam. If you plan a trip to Kerala, add Kovalam to your itinerary. You will not regret it!