4 Souvenirs to take back home from your Bengaluru trip

4 Souvenirs to take back home from your Bengaluru trip

Luxury hotels in Bengaluru are booked the year-round with techies, businessmen, as well as tourists. However, no trip is complete without some shopping for souvenirs. There are many things available locally that you can take back home from Bengaluru. We shortlist the most popular among them:

1. Sandalwood products

Karnataka is known as the ‘Land of Sandalwood’. Thus, a trip to this state capital would be incomplete without buying sandalwood items. Sandalwood products are available everywhere- right from boutique shops to roadside vendors. However, make sure to buy them only after checking their genuineness, and from verified vendors only. The city has many genuine vendors and a state-run emporium selling authentic sandalwood items such as sandalwood powder, soaps, incense sticks, and other artefacts including idols of gods and goddesses. Though these are a bit expensive, they are well worth it.

2. Mysore silk sarees

Bengaluru has many shops selling Mysore silk sarees. These 9-yard elegant sarees are made from the finest quality mulberry silk sourced from Mysore. Worn during functions, festivals, weddings, and holy ceremonies, Mysore silk sarees are amongst the best things that you can gift your loved ones. Buy these sarees from authentic state-run emporiums or look for a certificate that states that the silk is authentic.

3. Channapatna wooden toys

These toys are named after the place of their origin, Channapatna, which is a city about 60 km from Bengaluru. These are all-natural, colourful toys that are made from Dudhi wood (Milkwood) and then coloured with vegetable dyes in bright shades of glossy yellow, green, blue, red, and black. Apart from being great gifts for children, they also make for wonderful showpieces. You can also opt for wooden key chains, jewellery, vases, furniture and lanterns. You can get these at the various craft shops in the city.

4. Coorg coffee powder

This is for the coffee aficionados. A favourite amongst filter coffee lovers, this type of coffee beans are brought in from Coorg. The aroma and the taste of this coffee can give the best off-the-shelf brands a run for their money. You can even try the flavoured coffee. Get yourself a pack of freshly ground Coorg coffee from the various canteens, coffee houses, and the shops selling these across the city. You may also ask your butler or the coffee shop in your hotel in Bengaluru to arrange the coffee for you.

When buying souvenirs, you should always check for authenticity. You can ask for help from the experts at your hotel in Bengaluru or buy from the state-run shops. Authorised shops sometimes keep a certificate of authenticity that proves the genuineness of the product.

The Leela Palace Bengaluru occasionally hosts events and exhibitions, where you can get your hands on some of the best souvenirs. The 5 star hotel in Bengaluru can also arrange pick and drop services for your shopping trips and even help you in your shopping on request. You can also get in touch with the receptionist or ask your personal butler for assistance on the best places to purchase authentic souvenirs.