Experience history and culture with these museums in Bengaluru

Experience history and culture with these museums

Being the hub of Information Technology in India, an atmosphere of innovation and progress is something that you could equate with Bengaluru. However, if you take a closer look, you can notice a beautiful old-world charm to the streets, the houses, the public institutions, and possibly some of the 5 star hotels in Bengaluru as well. This charm is brought about by the rich history of the city that has been influenced by various cultures and dynasties.

One way to experience history is to pay a visit to museums that capture the different aspects of the city and culture of the state. Here’s a list of some of the hidden museums in Bengaluru that you can check out during your stay in the city:

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

This museum displays several engines and industrial projects. It was opened by the first Prime Minister of India in 1962, offering a visual treat of the progress of science and technology in the country. The property is a family-friendly complex and hosts educational and entertaining activities. The museum has a "flyer simulator" which has a 1:1 scale model of the Wright Brothers' plane, dinosaur corner and the seven-themed exhibition galleries.

Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum, Bengaluru

This museum, established in 2001 showcases the history of humanity’s efforts to conquer the skies. The primary hall of the museum showcases photographs that capture the developments made in the field of aviation throughout history. Head to the second hall, and you can find a cross-section of engines, which will include marks like Adour, Orpheus, and Garrett, showcasing the function of each element.

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Law Museum

Trips to the high court are usually about attending trials of the concerned individuals, sessions, and cases. However, the Karnataka High Court which is the highest judicial of the state also houses within its beautiful architecture, a law museum that is open to the general public. The museum holds an original print of the Indian Constitution along with an extensive collection of seals, documents, and books that represent the history of the legal profession in the country.

Janapada Loka

Janapada Loka, which means ‘Folk-culture World’ or ‘Folk World’ is a folk museum which has a beautiful and exclusive display of the village folk art of Karnataka. The museum is situated in Ramanagara district, on the Bengaluru-Mysore Highway. The idea of this museum was initiated by H. L. Nage Gowda who was an Indian folklorist and civil servant that wanted to create a museum which captures the varied culture and folk art of Karnataka. The museum is maintained by Karnataka Janapada Parishad which was first established in 1979. A wing in the museum called the Loka Mahal has a display of around 5000 artefacts.

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