Stay fit while working from home

Stay fit while working from home

Working at home during this work from home is the opportunity you should seize. This global lockdown has brought many of us to our homes and work from our cosy couch with bouts of binge eating’s and possibly sneaky naps while still working. You do not need to grab those hefty weights, no need to put on those tracksuits and shoes; you can do this all in your comfortable clothes and at home.

Let’s dive into what you can possibly to make this time of yours more productive and less boring.

1. Take voluntary breaks
Working from home is a time-consuming and distracting job. We often take breaks and put off work if we’re not feeling up to it. Why not use these short breaks to get moving, like performing deep breathing and pranayama while still sitting on the couch. You can try going for a stroll on your terrace or better, climbing up and down the stairs of your apartment building. You can do two floors; it’s enough and effective. These voluntary breaks of 5-10 mins can impact your health in a positive way if you use them wisely. 

2. Wake up early
Working from home has its own perks and no shortcomings if looked closely. You save on your commute time, preparation of food and rushing to complete other chores that you do daily before reaching the cubicle.  After all these things are filtered out, one has plenty of time before proceeding with the work from home. So, if you are determined and ready to kick off the day, there is no better way than exercise to start the day. Also, a tall glass of lukewarm water with lemon or black coffee can help you get going.

3. Use digital platforms
To kick in that motivation for working out, and find ways to move your body, use the social media platforms like YouTube and fitness applications on the phone, rely on the infographics and workout plans provided. This all with no extra time spared and a new tab opened side by side with the work you are doing.

4. Use everything you can
While sitting, you can use your water bottle for some lightweight training. Similarly, you can use a vessel, a jar filled with your favourite cereal and reward yourself with some after you achieve the workout goals. Almost anything from a bag of grains, to a bag of pedigree you feed your pets with, can be used for light strength training.

5. Something without getting up
Are you tired and indolent? Still, you can perform some physical exercises. Yes, you can. The simple neck rotations, leg raises, shoulder rotations and shrugs can have a commendable impact on your stiff joints and will help you get going for the heavy exercises. These rotations and stretches are done while you are typing, designing or on a meeting call.
So winding up, these aforementioned tips can be helpful and reliable if you don’t want to put in many efforts and still reap the benefits of exercises.