Great home workout tips to stay fit

Great home workout tips to stay fit

Working out at home, amidst this lockdown can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Working out at home is effortless, dodging those early mornings or straight from office evening transits to the gym, especially during the summer days and all the non-essentials like gyms, parks, and sports centres closed down.

If you are an ardent gym-goer or a slothful human, this article will help you get through the quarantine swiftly, and the decision is yours.


Push-ups are exactly the exercise you should rely on to stay fit. They are the most versatile of all the exercises as they have a number of variations and requires only an ability to support and lift your own bodyweight. These are one of the groups of exercises which targets whole body muscles in a single go, be it the chest, core, shoulders and to some extent the legs.

Normal push-ups are performed with the body (stomach) parallel to the surface, hands used to raise and lower the body while the legs are maintaining a comfortable distance between them.


Squat it! Squats are one of the most superior of lower body exercises. They tone your buttocks, thighs and legs.

To do squats, place your legs shoulder-width apart, stand straight and raise the hands to a lateral shoulder height position for balancing, after this duck to the point where the thighs are parallel to the ground without bending the knees much. Also, the toes should be pointed slightly outwards.


Running, who hasn’t done that? But now you are home, so you can run but for your own sake, to get fit. You don’t need much space for this, no excuses made of a track not being available in your house, and you can run in a room of 15X15 easily and have the same effect as on the track. Alike the aforementioned exercises, running too has variations. Depends upon the goal of an individual, for example sprinting if you want to increase the endurance, jogging if you want to be generally fit. As for the home exercises, spot running can be the best bet you can make, requires very little space and highly effective.


Yoga needs no introduction; there are a number of asanas and pranayama which have far more reaching effects when it comes to staying healthy. Right from the basic Vajrasana to the complex Suryanamaskar, these poses are ultimate and requires no weights. Suryanamaskar, for example, can be done in 12 steps normally, which induces a series of contractions and stretches in the body, increasing blood flow and stretching the fatigued muscles. Naukasana or boat pose which is used for core strength, Bhujangasana which is used to open up tightened chest and core muscles. These all in conjunction with a healthy diet can have healthy, sustainable effects on your current fitness levels.

It is crucial to sue this lockdown duration to get fit and healthy. It is difficult to find the motivation, but it is also crucial to take care of yourself. Get up, do that exercise and take care of yourself.