A romantic experience you must have in Udaipur

A romantic experience you must have in Udaipur

Couples love to visit Udaipur for its grand palaces, heritage hotels, picturesque locations and for the sheer romance of the destination. The city offers a choice of romantic experiences from walking hand-in-hand through the narrow cobbled streets to camel rides which take you through the city or deserts. The city draws many tourists from around the globe to explore and experience. Whether it is for taking sacred vows, for a honeymoon or simply to rekindle passion, Udaipur is an ideal choice for a romantic getaway.

Here are things you should not miss on your romantic visit to Udaipur.

Experiencing a mesmerising sunset

Experiencing a romantic moment as the sun sets may be a cliché, but is certainly not overrated. The sunset works its magic differently in Udaipur. The many terraces by Lake Pichola offer amazing views of the Aravalli Mountains and stunning sunsets that carve a place in the memory.  One can spend some memorable, quality time with a loved one as the sun radiates the colours of romance while setting behind the mountain ranges.

A romantic boat ride

Out of all the tourist places to visit in Udaipur, Lake Pichola has its unique charm. You and the love of your life, holding hands as you sail on the beautiful blue waters of the lake. And at sunset, the orange hued layers of the waters complement the glamourous city lights. This boat-ride experience promises to etch itself in your memories forever. If you are living in any of the renowned Udaipur hotels, the staff there can assist you in getting to Lake Pichola.

A romantic dinner by the lake

A romantic trip has to have a memorable dinner date. One that will provide you with a tranquil environment, wrapped in love and charm. A romantic evening at the Sheesh Mahal elevates dining to the next level.

Unlike other hotels in Udaipur, the Sheesh Mahal offers a two-level seating that overlooks the lake. A view that is so captivating that it sets a romantic mood almost instantly. Using recipes mastered in the kitchens of royalty, the dining experience her promises be to be an exquisite culinary journey.

This palace-hotel restaurant in Udaipur will pamper you with its 5-star hospitality, captivating view and magical ambience. Perfect for a romantic dinner!

An entertaining show

The Mewar Light and Sound Show will leave you enthralled with its allure. It is famous as one of the top places to visit in Udaipur. The show comprises of a well-coordinated light and sound choreography that demonstrations the rich history of Mewar. Many Udaipur hotels also recommend this show to their guests. The entire aura of the show creates a romantic atmosphere, something you can cosy-up and enjoy with your beloved.

These are some of the places that will truly enhance your romantic stay in Udaipur. Each one of them has its way of making your visit worth remembering.