Explore these must visit neighbourhoods when you are in Delhi

Explore these must visit neighbourhoods when you are in Delhi

When visiting the capital city, booking a stay at a 5 star or 7 star hotel in Delhi and spending time enjoying the facilities is a must, especially if you’re booking a room at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in Delhi. However, you can only know a city completely when you take a walk or at least pay a small visit to some of its neighbourhoods. Yes, sometimes it’s good to keep the luxuries of 5 star hotels in Delhi aside and take a stroll through the neighbourhoods of the capital city.

To inspire you, here's a list of some must-visit neighbourhoods in Delhi that you should check out:

Hauz Khas Village
A trip to this neighbourhood is recommended if you're interested in visiting trendy cafes, restaurants, and bars as this neighbourhood is well known for its fantastic dining options and the happening nightlife scenes. Hauz Khas also offers some views into medieval history. This urban village was originally an important site for the Delhi Sultanate during the 13th century. The area had a large water reservoir that supplied water to the nearby city Siri, built by Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi. Inside the complex, you will also find the Tomb of Firuz Shah, a 14th century Sultan, a mosque, and a madrasa (Islamic seminary). From excellent pubs and fabulous dining options to cosy cafes, Hauz Khas Village has them all.

Connaught Place
This location is the central business district of New Delhi. The layout consists of an inner layer, a middle layer, and an outer circle or layer of collonaded Georgian-styled buildings, and also has a park on the middle. This location is considered to be the heart of the city with different roads leading out of it in various directions. In recent times, the place has become famous for its bars, restaurants and nightlife. The middle circle is filled with offices, while the outer ring has a majority of the hotspots.

Lodhi Colony
Lodhi Colony began its journey in the 1940s with its role of being the residential area for government officials. It was the last residential area built by the British before leaving India. The colony is located in the amazingly clean and green Lutyens zone. This colony is the first public open-air district and is unique in its own right with the buildings between Meher Chand Market and Khanna Market have murals have painted on them by artists all over the country.

Shahpur Jat
Shahpur Jat is the standing remains of the ancient city of Siri in Delhi. The urban village that stands today was built over the original ruins of the old city. Enter the area today, and you might notice a lot of young, urban millennials. The area has several niche fashion boutiques, vintage outlets, popular stationery shops, and quirky interior decoration brands. If you want to experience something unique, you can visit Puppychino, which is Delhi’s first dog café. You can also visit The South Delhi Kitchen, which is India’s first community café. Although the vibe and feel of the neighbourhood is trendy and urban, one can’t help but notice the nostalgia and old-world vibes from the narrow lanes and antique facades.

The places mentioned above have a lot to offer in terms of historical and artistic value, dining options and fun activities. Reschedule your comfortable hot spa session in The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in Delhi and make yourself familiar with the city’s neighbourhoods.