Explore City Palace in Udaipur

City Palace

Behold the breathtaking spectacle of an architectural masterpiece perched on a hill, overlooking the serene lake, enclosed by majestic crenelated walls. This grand edifice is an intricate combination of courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, rooms, and hanging gardens. The splendid entrance, the "Tripolia," with its triple arches and eight marble porticos, leads to a world of wonder inside. A fascinating historical ritual used to take place under this gate, where the Maharanas of Mewar would be weighed in gold, and the equivalent amount was distributed among their subjects. You can view the Surajgokhada or the balcony of the sun, where the illustrious Suryanshi Maharanas of Mewar would appear in times of distress to bolster their people's spirits. The 'Mor Chowk,' famed for its exquisite peacock mosaics in glass, and the 'Chini Chitrashala,' renowned for its blue and white ceramics, are other such wonders that await you in this palace. Witness the splendour of the Manak Chowk every evening, where a high-tech sound and light show enlivens the rich history of Mewar.

Location : Udaipur
Distance from the hotel : 1.4 km
Distance from the airport : 23 km
Driving time : 7 minutes 

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