The Spa is a tented luxury wellness centre with picturesque views of Lake Pichola. Each bespoke treatment tent boasts of opulent tekri work inside the canopy and is luxuriously adorned with linens and silk.

    Explore our exclusive spa packages which include thoughtfully crafted wellness programmes, yoga and meditation sessions, traditional temple rituals, healthy spa cuisine and visits to spiritual abodes to give your journey a soulful flavor.

    Choose from our well designed wellness programs that aim to balance, nurture and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. 

    Rejuvenate in a serene ambience:

    A holistic experience that touches the body, mind and soul. The Spa at The Leela Palace Udaipur is a serene getaway to wellness and relaxation. Situated in a tranquil setting, this tented spa has eight luxury tents with a yoga and meditation tent as well as therapy suites with private pools.

    Holistic Treatments: Body treatments at The Spa combine the best of ancient and modern techniques to release tension and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rebalanced. Experience the physical and emotional therapeutic benefits of these advanced body treatments which are tailored to your specific needs.

    Our Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment starts with a luxurious foot ritual and consultation to establish your Dosha type. A refreshing facial cleansing follows to restore and uplift the delicate facial skin. Then, Dosha-specific Ayurvedic oils unite with long, soothing symmetrical techniques of Abhyanga massage to totally rejuvenate and restore natural balance, increasing vitality and enhancing wellbeing. The ritual is completed with a Shirodhara treatment.

    Revitalize yourself with Padabhyanga

    A 30 minutes ayurvedic treatment for lower body that uses a Dosha specific blend of warm Ayurvedic oils, beginning with a foot bath and exfoliation. A deeply therapeutic Marma point massage is then applied to each foot, working up the lower leg until all tension is relieved. Padabhyanga revitalizes tired muscles and helps ease aches and pains. This relaxing session is followed by Rajasthani traditional high tea at Alfresco Dining Room.

    Rejuvenate your mind with Shirobhyanga

    Enter the world of tranquillity with a 30 minutes Ayurvedic massage, Shirobhyanga. The experience offers a calming scalp massage that focuses on vital energy points, followed by Rajasthani traditional high tea accompanied by local savouries at Alfresco Dining Room. If time is of the essence, this compact treatment will help to reduce tension, increase circulation and leave you feeling energized. 

    60 minute signature Ayurveda massage followed by Temple Ritual

    Restore harmony of your mind, body and soul. Experience our soulful rituals at the 165 year old temple in the presence of Panditji (priest). Later, revive your body and mind with a personalized full body Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, at our award winning spa. This traditional massage uses a warm infusion of individually selected essential oils and specialized techniques to help release tension and balance your mind and body.

    Salon: Walk into The Salon, an exclusive luxury grooming boutique, for the ultimate hair and beauty care experience. Styling gets redefined here. Whether it is a signature dry-hair precision cutting technique, the New York Style blow-dry, or the perfect hair color that complements your skin tone. Style, cut or colour your hair at the salon at The Leela Palace Udaipur. From fringe straightening to hair care, the hair experts and technicians in this help you find just the groove you are looking for.

    Fitness: The Health Club at The Leela Palace Udaipur is equipped to help achieve your daily fitness goals. Our facilities offer the best in cardiovascular and resistance equipment and an area for free weights. Personal training is also offered for those wishing to achieve special results.