The city of Udaipur is renowned for it's elegant paintings, delicate handicrafts, marble articles, silver arts and terracotta.

    A historical Art Walk of The Leela Palace Udaipur reveals the Palace as an aesthetic blend of contemporary décor and traditional architecture. Artworks here are inspired by the magic and grandeur of this colourful state with a royal past. Exquisite fabrics are embroidered with regally inspired designs, while the dark wood furniture has Tarkashi work - a popular art form that involves an intricate process of setting brass wires, strips, and motifs in dark wood to make exquisite, handcrafted furniture.

    The palace is adorned throughout with hand-carved marble lotuses and elephants in silver along with vibrant paintings of puppets in colourful traditional costumes depicting characters from mythology. Thekri, a Mewari art form that uses intricately chiselled mirrors on plaster is the predominant theme of the palace interiors. Gold leafed floral and paisleys motifs, mother of pearl artifacts and inlaid hand-crafted white marble further highlight its ornate exquisiteness.

    An Art Walk of the Palace provides insights into a culture and a history which is deeply enriching and awe inspiring.

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