Quintessential Experience - Art - The Leela Palace Udaipur


    As proud custodians of Rajasthan’s artistic legacy, The Leela Palace Udaipur is a veritable gallery of traditional artwork, delicate craftsmanship, and unique architectural features from the region.  Join us for a guided art walk through the palace to discover the artistic treasures housed within its walls.


    Palace Art Walk

    As you stroll through the expansive corridors, you’ll be amazed at how contemporary decor can mingle with traditional elements to create a stunning aesthetic. On the walls are vibrant Mewari wall murals, tapestries with regally inspired embroidery, and handcrafted dark wood furniture with exquisite tarkashi inlays of brass and copper. Marvel at the bewitching thikri mirror work on the walls, each reflecting light off the chandeliers in a mesmerising display. Pause to admire the hand-carved lotuses sculpted from pristine white Makrana marble and other intricate artefacts crafted by silversmiths.

    Join our Palace Service Ambassador on a guided walk to see these splendid displays up close.

    • Walk duration: 30-40 minutes
    • Private or group walk, customised to your preference
    • Complimentary for guests

    To book your experience, please call on +91 (294) 670 1203 +91 9587017711 or email us at dm.tlpu@theleela.com.