Puneet Van in Gandhinagar

Puneet Van

Puneet Van, a serene botanical garden, is a must-visit for nature lovers in Gujarat. Translating to 'Holy Forest' in Gujarati, the garden boasts an impressive collection of over 3500 trees and plants. What sets apart is the unique arrangement of plants based on Hindu mythology and astrological significance. The garden is divided into four astrological sections, with each plant named after planets, stars, and zodiac signs. This unique approach adds a touch of spirituality to the natural beauty of the garden, making it a peaceful retreat for visitors. Whether you're looking for a peaceful stroll amidst lush greenery or seeking to learn more about Hindu mythology, Puneet Van is a must-visit destination in Gandhinagar.

Location : Gandhinagar
Distance from the hotel : 6.3 km
Distance from the airport : 19 km
Driving time : 11 minutes

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