Old Delhi Flavours
    Amid the country’s myriads of regional cuisines, Old Delhi has its own say in the matter- something one can easily attest to wandering the city’s intricate maze of narrow gullies and by-lanes.
    Reputed for centuries as the street food capital of India, Old Delhi is brimming with textures and recipes and to explore this colorful food scene, we invite you to traverse this culinary paradise with our masterchefs in an immersive experience discovering age-old recipes of dal makhani, biryani and kebabs.

    Awadhi trail
    Awadhi cuisine is a testament of the rich culinary diversity of India and is a wholesome dining experience. The historical-cultural region of Awadh is situated in the heart of the Gangetic valley of India and comprises the present-day city of Lucknow and some surrounding areas.

    The dynamics of power and patronage in the region influenced and shaped the Awadhi cuisine which reflects the refinement, finesse, and sophistication involved in the nawabi way of life.

    Explore the distinct characteristics and authentic flavours of Awadhi food which constitute the soul and essence of this cuisine with our Executive Sous Chef, Ashwani Kumar Singh.

    Little Chefs
    Planning a trip with the kids? The Leela Ambience Convention has curated cooking classes and special activities for young aspiring chefs.  Children don the chef hats for a choice of baking cooking experience in the hotel’s kitchen and create, nibble on snacks, and take home their baked treats!