Why business travellers choose The Leela Mumbai

Why business travellers choose The Leela Mumbai

It is never easy to find a business hotel that matches your basic requirements. A perfect business hotel has the amenities that make the most of your business trip without any hassle or complaints to the reception. Such fulfilment is what The Leela Mumbai strives to provide to all its guests. Let us see why travellers prefer The Leela Mumbai as their go-to place.

1. Proximity
The biggest advantage a business hotel can have is proximity. Being close to airports, railway station, and important transport hubs make it easier for business travellers to go about their meetings and conferences. It limits travelling in the city, which means more work getting done. You can look up for hotels on the internet to check their proximity while making your corporate hotel booking. The Leela Mumbai is at a short distance from both the domestic and international airport.  This is one of the main reasons that inter-state and international travellers prefer living at The Leela Mumbai.

2. Basic but top-notch amenities
A few years ago, the demand for amenities was low. Now with so much technological advancement, it is mandatory to have services like Wi-Fi in each and every room. Given that there will be guests that are travelling for work, it is essential that the business hotel has basic amenities like ample amount of power sockets, free Wi-Fi services and power backups in case of emergencies. Look for one of the best hotels for business meetings which will impress your clients as well as your colleagues. Business travellers are on their toes constantly, and they might need all these services quickly at their disposal. At The Leela Mumbai, these basic facilities are the top priority because we know how much a missed mail and call affects the business.

3. Relaxing yet productive environment
A business traveller has two goals when he is travelling. First, getting work done. Second, have an ample amount of rest. A productive hotel has everything from a comfortable desk, power outlets and a high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi connection. A restful hotel is one that is comfortable and quiet. A business traveller can get a good night’s sleep after a long day of meetings and travel.

4. Healthy dining options
One of the greatest challenges with constant travelling is staying healthy. Airports are filled with tempting fast food options, and business dinners often contain cocktails and finger food. So, always search for hotels that have healthy dining options. Most business travellers love to have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options to help balance out what they’re eating in airports and with clients.

5. Fitness facilities
Travel all the time takes a toll on your health. It is always good to balance your work and health even when you are travelling. A fitness centre in a hotel is fully fitted out with all the equipment along with swimming pools.

At The Leela Mumbai, we know how important it is for you to enjoy world-class facilities and top-notch services. Our establishment is filled to the brim with everything you want while giving you a comfortable experience. Behind everything we do, we strive to make our customers happy.

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