The Bangalore Palace - A place you must not miss when in the city

The Bangalore Palace - A place you must not miss when in the city

Bangalore might be known as the Garden City, but there are other things worth exploring in the city as well. Bangalore has something for everyone - from places of cultural wonder to trekking opportunities, shopping avenues and food places. If you are a fan of history and have a penchant for old things, make sure to include the Bangalore palace on your list. We tell you all that you need to know about this historical wonder.


The majestic palace in Bangalore is reminiscent of the city’s rich history and heritage. The vast palace spread across 45,000 sq. ft., was built by Rev. Garett, the first principal of Central High School in Bangalore. In 1873, Chamarajendra Wadiyar the 23rd Maharaja of the princely state of Mysore purchased it. It was built drawing inspiration from the medieval castles of England with the Bangalore palace itself having been inspired by the Windsor Castle in London.

The outside

The palace grounds are clean, spacious, airy and well-maintained. The palace architecture is a mix of Tudor and Gothic architecture with tall archways, oriel windows, fortified towers, battlements, and turrets. A manicured foliage spread all over the lower half of the castle makes it more naturalistic, adds to the greenery and is a distinctive feature of the palace. The construction is dominated by the use of wood.

The inside

The rooms are decorated with paintings from the time of the Maharajas. You will also get to see old photographs from the Maharaja’s time, framed and hung on the wall. The palace rooms and corridors are lined with old artefacts from the times past. The ceilings and the pillars have ornate carving and detailed sculpting on them, which will leave you amazed. The chandeliers adorning the ceiling are ornate and old. The upper-level corridors and passage overlooking the inner courtyard are lined with beautifully detailed metal railings. There is a massive open courtyard with granite seats, a ballroom, darbar hall, residences, and a pretty water fountain which is now defunct.

You can opt for a personal guide or choose to go for an audio guide, which can help you explore the palace in a better manner. The palace also has a café and a store which sells various souvenirs, jewellery, clothes and accessories.

The palace now hosts numerous cultural events and functions. The palace grounds are also booked for rock shows. Check the schedule before you book a ticket. Who knows you might get to catch your favourite artist playing!

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